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Fracture of a member: causes, symptoms, treatment

Penile fracture is a rare and complex injury, requiring urgent medical care. Why is this happening and how to protect yourself from this injury?


A fracture or not a fracture?

When it comes to fractures, we usually mean the bone. They can actually break or crack that requires some medical care. However, you’ve probably heard about fracture penis. In fact, the question arises as what is there to break? Because the penis has no bones. Then as a possible fracture?

The term fracture towards the penis used because of those reasons that erect penis solid, respectively, with serious injury it may break. However, in the physiological sense no fracture of the penis occurs. Fracture of the penis is called the rupture of the tunica albuginea of the corpora cavernosa that an erection when filled with blood. With this gap (which is very rare) may be a characteristic crunch and strong unbearable pain.

Causes of penile fracture

Not difficult to guess the main reason for the fracture of the penis experiments during sex. Often fracture of a member of men seek help after careless sex with a lot of sudden movements partners during sexual intercourse. It is noteworthy that frequently, the injury occurs at a position where the woman is on top.

A sudden movement on the part of the partner, and also falling the partner in the opposite of the natural position of the side member can cause rupture of the tunica of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Another cause of penile fracture stab or gunshot wound, pinching and mechanical damage.

It is noteworthy that in the case of timely hospitalization male given medical care, and very soon, men can return to normal life. If medical assistance is not forthcoming, then in the future, erections are so painful that sex will have to forget.

How to recognize a fracture of the penis?

Fracture of the penis following symptoms occur:

  • sharp pain in penis;
  • characteristic crunch during sexual intercourse;
  • a large hematoma (penis becomes blue or purple);
  • sudden cessation of erection;
  • noticeable swelling of the penis;
  • the curvature shape of the penis.

To confuse a fracture member with any other injury is quite difficult. At break, as has been said above, there is a characteristic crunch, which hears not only the man but his sexual partner. On location of rupture tunica albuginea a hematoma, which grows rapidly in size. The penis swells and becomes purple-blue.

In more severe cases, fracture of the member occurs extensive tissue damage of the urethra, causing the man quite difficult (or impossible) to empty the bladder. The curvature of a member is due to the fact that the pressure of the blood the penis bends in the opposite direction.

What to do?

If there was a fracture of the penis, the first thing you need to do is to impose a pressure bandage to the penis and to make it to the ice. As soon as possible call an ambulance, because the man should be hospitalized in the Department of urologic surgery.

Remember that procrastination can cost a man the loss of the ability to have a fulfilling intimate life. Broken man needs an emergency operation for stitching the tunica of the penis, then the penis tight bandage.

It should be noted that in some cases there is no need for surgical intervention. However, this does not mean that you do not need urgent hospitalization. Even if all do, and in men after a fracture is a normal erection, the penis can form scars, which will interfere with normal blood flow to the penis and the bladder emptying. In addition, these scars can lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.

Why the need for surgery?

Surgery if penile fracture has the following objectives:

  • warning erektilnoy dysfunction;
  • the restoration of normal anatomical structures of the penis (eliminate curvature);
  • the preservation of the length of the penis;
  • the preservation of urinary function of the urinary system.

According to medical statistics, surgical intervention reduces the likelihood of developing complications of penile fracture in 92-95%!

To stabilize the patient before surgery and also for pain is drug therapy.