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Fast food: the damage to the body and ways of solving problems

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A little history of fast food

Why bad fast food

Fast food at home

Fast food appeared with our rhythm of life. On a slow and thoughtful meal with three or four changes of dishes was just a pity to waste time. In the best case, long feasts to remember the holidays and family celebrations. And they want to turn into a fancy cocktail receptions.

Food culture is gradually lost. Good or bad from a moral and ethical point of view is a moot point. But the fact that it is harmful to health, arguing, perhaps, no one. It is no coincidence, as opposed to McDonald’s restaurants, began to appear numerous cafes with homemade food and national menu. And they are gaining more and more admirers. Magicforum found out how dangerous fast food is for health.

A little history of fast food

It is considered that the emergence of harmful food , we are obliged to McDonald’s. But it is not. Even the ancient Romans in many markets was selling tortillas with meat, fried in olive oil. They are willing to sell to the locals and guests of the state. The first automated fast food restaurants emerged in the early 20th century in new York. Special machines were given coffee, milk, vegetable and meat dishes and even desserts. But soon they came to the first fast food restaurants from the company Root Beer, then another restaurateur (White Castle) picked up the idea. Ironically, such institutions began to have success. Especially popular waiters on roller skates that served the drivers of cars.

In the fifties of the 20th century fellow Americans, the MacDonalds took up the idea of fast food and slightly improved it. They invented their own technology of preparation and delivery of meals. This was done with the aim of attracting visitors in unusual places, reduce the cost of ready food and, of course, profit. They managed to achieve all this.

“Restaurants for the poor” has grown into a network of public catering. At first, they flooded the country, and in 60 years, left for its limits. Today restaurants with a yellow letter M there are more than 40 000 in 120 countries. In our country, they appeared in the nineties and created a furor. People were willing to stand in line to eat a Burger overseas. Even today, the McDonald’s like many of our fellow citizens.

Why bad fast food

Why fast food is considered harmful? The cafe offers dishes, fried in oil. All adherents of healthy eating know fried food is the source of high-cholesterol, and therefore, the provocateur of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, according to the technology of oil for frying, ideally, should not be used several times for cooking. But unscrupulous restaurateurs, in the best case, change it after 2-3 days. But they can in a week. Can you imagine how many carcinogens accumulate in that oil! And they all come to us in the stomach.

In addition, the food from McDonald’s does not deteriorate over the years. This was proven by one canadian resident. She just put a cheeseburger on the kitchen table. A year has passed. Bun made of stone. Chicken has slightly decreased in size. Cheese has dried up. But the products did not appear any mold or mildew, no larvae. Even the flies refused to land on the food. The cheeseburger looked quite edible. Quality food, you say. No. The matter is not in it. “Vitality” dishes caused a huge amount of salt and preservatives contained therein. And how much would McDonald’s representatives didn’t say to cook their burgers, they use only fresh meat with no additives or fillers, to explain the secret of the preservation of the cheeseburger they can’t.

Fast food causes excess weight and obesity. This fact is proven by nutritionists. The fashion for fast food has led to the fact that the British, the French and the Japanese are rapidly gaining weight. If we compare the current weight of a resident of any of these countries with the weight of ten years ago, you can see a significant difference. Fast food is very high in calories. One meal in a restaurant contains the entire daily requirement of calories. But you can eat a complete meal of three to four meals and stay hungry. Therefore, it is impossible to control the amount of food eaten posthumously.

In addition, ice Cola is an integral part of fast food. We wash down her French fries or a hamburger. Gastric juice mixes with carbon dioxide gas ceases to perform its function of digestion, usually fat. This fat is under the influence of cold drink solidifies we have on the walls of the stomach and leads to excess inches around the waist and hips.

Fast food at home

Shawarma, hot dog, donuts, pancakes with toppings, pizza, chips, crackers – that’s all we snack on the go, and it’s called fast food. Oddly enough, harmful products are somehow always considered to be the most delicious. But if it really wants, why not try to cook it at home? Maybe I’ll get a tastier and more useful, than fast food. But it is cheaper – that’s for sure.

Do you like chips? No problem! Enough to cut slices of potatoes, add a little oil, spread a thin layer on a baking sheet and send in the oven. Half an hour later the chips to take out, sprinkle with spices and salt to taste. And you can enjoy natural products with a minimal amount of oil. Moreover, baked potato is much more useful fried.

But what about a favorite Burger? Also not a problem. Make the minced beef, form patties, put them on a few minutes in the freezer. Then frozen foods fry in a frying pan. Cut the bun in half, place one half on a little mustard or any sauce, put the chopped onion and cooked meat. Cover this design the other half of the bun. Delicious, and most importantly – fresh meat and no preservatives.

As you can see, there is no need to go to a fast food restaurant to eat your favorite dish. It can be prepared at home. Only it will be much more useful. Today no wonder the public is beginning to wonder about the quality of food. To replace junk food appear slow food – slow food restaurants. It is possible that over time they will replace McDonald’s with our market.

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