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Expert interview: What each Individual is to prevent cancer can do

At least 40 per cent of all cancer cases are attributable to lifestyle

Almost half a Million people in Germany are diagnosed each year with cancer. A large part of these diseases is due, according to experts on certain lifestyle factors. In an Interview with a health expert, how each Individual can reduce his personal risk of cancer explained.

Numerous diseases could be avoided

A few months ago published British scientists, a study came to the result that about four out of ten cancer cases could have been prevented if the Patients had maintained a healthier lifestyle. German researchers came in an investigation to similar conclusions: nearly 40 percent of cancers are due to lifestyle and environmental factors. A health expert explains in an Interview how you can reduce the risk of cancer significantly.

Increasing cure and survival rates

The University medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) led on the occasion of world cancer day, a conversation with Professor Dr. Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the University Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) at the UKE, the expert explained, as each of the Individual a contribution to the prevention of cancer.

As the doctors explained, are diagnosed in Germany each year around 480,000 people newly diagnosed with cancer. The cure and survival rates, but it can get nothing to hope, that you will never come into contact with cancer.

“Everyone will be in the course of life either in the family and circle of friends, or even themselves affected. I would advise, therefore, every human urge to try everything to him or her Possible to avoid cancer,“ said Professor Dr. Bokemeyer, according to a message.

Factors such as Smoking and lack of exercise conducive to cancer development

“At least 40 percent of all cancer are due to diseases of life-style factors,” says Prof. Dr. Bokemeyer.

In various studies it could be shown that factors such as Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol and UV favor radiation, the development of cancer.

According to the physicians, the hereditary in some cases, if family members are already suffering from certain forms of cancer.

Healthy lifestyle and early detection measures

“A well-balanced smoke-free lifestyle with a vitamin-rich and meat-poor diet, daily movement units, reduced alcohol consumption and a responsible use of sunlight helps to prevent cancer,” says Prof. Dr. Bokemeyer.

“It is important in the change of the lifestyle is to approach step by step to the target, and to make no large plans, which can not be met, under certain circumstances, in the long term,” explains the expert.

Also, the use of early detection measures, not only in the case of hereditary burdened families – an important part of any already against the early forms of a cancer intervention.

“In our health system, there are a variety of Offers, which can be used for it,” said the expert. (ad)