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Eating disorders in type 1 Diabetes is more common

Eating disorders occur in young patients with type 1 Diabetes two to three times more frequently than in healthy women. The Affected hope to lose weight by avoiding intermittently to inject Insulin. So you don’t risk irreversible damage to nerves and vessels, and in the worst case, even your life. It experts from the German Diabetes society (DDG) and the German society for endocrinology (DGE) point.

Especially in the bulimia nervosa is widely used, according to the experts in young women with type 1 Diabetes particularly. The Affected have Binges, where they devour large quantities of food literally wasted. Out of fear of gaining weight, they resort to different strategies: they vomit the food or take a laxative in high doses. Patients with type 1 Diabetes to turn to another method: you can dispense with the injection of Insulin. Without this vital hormone your body can consume the sugar from the food, so that it is excreted with the urine. However, this has fatal consequences: Since the body can absorb of people with Diabetes no sugar, remain to a large quantity in the blood. The blood vessels, nerves, and kidney harm. In extreme cases, it can lead to life-threatening acidosis of the entire body.

"The Diabetes have to auseinandersetzen&quot girls and young women on a daily basis with content and quantity of the food;, Susan Smart, a psychologist from Hamburg explains. "In puberty, there is a great danger that measures to treat the Diabetes, which result in a pathological relationship to food and to one’s own body." Many people put on weight when they start insulin therapy.

"Since the Affected out of shame not to talk about their disease, Doctors and family members are asked to achten&quot in young patients with Diabetes is increasingly on the signs of eating disorders;, Clever says. Fluctuating body weight and very high blood sugar levels can be an important note. But also, when a patient measures their blood sugar rarely or several measuring devices used for this purpose, advises the expert, the parents and the Clinician to investigate.


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