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Early symptoms of penile cancer

British urologists called early warning symptoms of cancer of the penis, which needs to know all men. These symptoms are in any case impossible to ignore.

Many men know about the symptoms of cancer of the prostate and testes, but do not have the same information about cancer of the penis. However, in Russia with this diagnosis each year, facing more than a thousand representatives of the stronger sex. Often especially cancer threatens uncircumcised men that previously had warts on the penis, and also are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV). Studies show that half of all victims of penile cancer have HPV infection. This files most often diagnosed in men older than 60, but the disease can occur at any age. Like other cancers, early diagnosis greatly improves the chances of a cure.

Urologists emphasize that the most common symptom of penile cancer are changes in skin color of the male sexual organ. Sometimes cancer is accompanied by the classic warts, but sometimes occur on the penis flat red areas, flexible to the touch and relatively painless. In more rare cases, cancer is able to establish itself as a rash similar to that which occurs in diseases, sexually transmitted. This rash may be painful when touched.

If the cancer spreads, it may lead to the blockade of the urethra, and metastatic tumors go to the lymph nodes and into the scrotum. Watch out for unpleasant smelling discharge from the penis, swelling of head, bleeding from the penis or under the foreskin, coarsening of the skin, seals that do not heal and disappear within 4 weeks and the color change of the penis and the foreskin. (READ MORE)