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Legumes are rich in essential B vitamins

B-vitamins are one of the most important nutrients that the body needs. Since they are water soluble, they can not be stored in the body. It is even more important to have sufficient B-vitamins via food capture. Legumes are an excellent source of these vitamins and increase by the way, the performance of the brain.

Irina Todorov is a Doctor of integrative medicine at the renowned Cleveland Clinic in the United States. In a recent contribution to the clinic, the Doctor explains why B vitamins are so important for the body. Legumes such as beans, lentils and chickpeas are the expert, according to the ideal sources of B vitamins and contribute to better brain performance.

Multi Talent B-Vitamins

B-vitamins are extremely important nutrients. They help the cells to produce energy and to communicate with each other. In addition, B vitamins support the body in the process of genetic codes to be read, resulting in the best possible sequence of processes is guaranteed. In addition, B vitamins are also involved in the formation of healthy red blood cells.

Particularly valuable are the B vitamins for your brain and your nervous system, “says Dr. Todorov. The vitamins help form neurotransmitters, the signals between the nerve forward.

Good sources for B vitamins

“You can get B vitamins if you eat a vegan or vegetarian,” says the Doctor. Good sources are vegetables, grain cereals, fruits and green leaf. Especially legumes, such as beans, lentils and chickpeas Dr. Todorov is recommended as a Vitamin B source. “You will help them to maintain their health because they are rich in vegetable proteins and fiber, and your blood sugar and cholesterol can lower,” emphasizes the expert.

So more beans in the diet bring

Legumes, for example, can be in the Form of lentil soup, Chili, bean salads or Humus in the dining plan integrated. Beans can be green salad attached. In addition, there is pasta, whose dough is made not from white flour but from bean flour. “In comparison to ordinary pasta noodles in bean base are rich in proteins, fiber and vitamins,” says Dr. Todorov. Soy foods such as Tofu or Tempeh can have a similar effect as beans.

Todorovs Tip. If you shrink back out of fear of bloating from eating more legumes, then you have to resort to lenses. These are well tolerated by the body the best and make the least gas.

Vitamin B12 is an exception in the B-vitamins

While most of the B-vitamins can be covered by plant food, you will find Vitamin B12 is primarily in animal-based foods such as fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. Small amounts of B12 are also included in Shitake mushrooms and seaweed. In addition, there are B12-fortified products. People who eat a purely vegan, should keep their B12 levels in the eye and a lack of the Supplement.

Also in older adults at risk for a Vitamin B12 deficiency, there is Todorov is concerned. The intestines lose with age, its ability to absorption of B12. A deficiency can show itself through nonspecific symptoms such as weakness, irritability, fatigue, cognitive impairments and neuropathic pain.

Deficiency best doctor to clarify

Dr. Todorov advises, however, high doses of Vitamin B12 without a medical evaluation take. Some people are not able to, B-to process vitamins fast enough. An accumulation in the body could cause over-stimulated simulations, and anxiety. (vb)

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