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Christmas: Minister of health warns Pregnant women against alcohol consumption

Alcohol in pregnancy: health Minister advises to the absence of

That a high consumption of alcohol is detrimental to the health, most people known. However, even small amounts of Alcohol can cause harm – including for unborn children. Pregnant women should avoid, therefore, consistently on alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy the Christmas days

Cookies, gingerbread, Roast: most people want to enjoy the holidays. For many alcohol belongs to. However, for expectant mothers, the consumption of alcoholic beverages should be off-limits. Because alcohol consumption during pregnancy can have serious consequences. On Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml points in a message.

A glass can be dangerous

For many people it is still not clear that the consumption of alcohol is associated with consequences for the Unborn. Even some Pregnant women the alcohol taboo.

As showed in a survey that about 18 percent of the German alcohol to keep the pregnancy viable.

However, many of the children who were exposed in the womb to alcohol, and later have to suffer the consequence of damage. A glass is dangerous, warn health experts, as well as Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml.

Serious health consequences for the Unborn

“Also, for Christmas dinner or on new year’s eve pregnant women should consistently abstain from alcohol,” said Huml, who is a licensed medical Doctor.

“Because even a small amount of alcohol like a glass can have serious health sectoral consequences for the unborn child. It is also important that pregnant women from their family and friends or circle of support.“

The consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy can cause the affected children to malformations as well as developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.

Experts assume, that in Germany every year, around 4,000 children with the so-called Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and 10,000 more children with varying degrees of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are born.

It is also to be just to be expected for the lighter alcohol spectrum disorders by a significant number of unreported cases.

Most common cause of congenital disability

“Still, too little is known that alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy is the most common cause of a congenital disability,” says Huml.

“The children are affected their entire lives, the impairments and disabilities were completely avoidable,” said the Minister.

The 2012 in the free state launched public awareness campaign “pregnant? A zero alcohol level“ has summarized for expectant mothers and their attendants valuable information and tips. (ad)