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Born without arms the girl became a cadet

16-year-old girl, born without arms, he entered the cadet school. She learned to perform all tasks from driving to make phone calls using your feet.

A resident of Florida, Donavia Walker became the first in American history a cadet without hands. The girl has a rare congenital defect in which the upper limb in the womb is not developed. Starting from a very young age, Donavia trained to use feet instead of hands, and now she can control the feet just brilliantly. In particular, with their help, the girl performs any work around the house, she talks on the phone and even driving. Donavia entered the cadet school in order for their example to inspire other people with various disabilities.

When her mom was pregnant, doctors informed the woman that her child’s hands do not develop in the womb. They conducted ultrasound which showed the real situation. After the birth the girl was diagnosed with a poetic name Amelia, a rare disorder affecting the absence of upper limb (absence of all four limbs is called a syndrome tetraamelii). The reason Amelia is unknown, however, found that this defect in the process of formation of the limbs is usually or very disturbed or absent in the period between 24 and 36 days after fertilization. It is unknown how many people even facing Amelia, since most infants with this disorder are born dead or leave this life shortly after birth.

Amelia is associated with other deformities in 50% of cases. Among them, cleft palate, protrusion of the internal organs, the hole in the diaphragm, small size kidney and lung defects. Fortunately, Donavia such large defects was not, but her parents still had to put a lot of effort to ensure that their child has adapted to live without hands. (READ MORE)

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