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Because of the Undine syndrome boy can die in my sleep

Due to a rare disorder this year-old child could die if you fall asleep. Now his parents are raising money to purchase unique facial masks that will make baby’s life more secure.

Englishman Charlie Wavstartread from a very rare disorder due to which he could die in that moment, when he could sleep. It’s called the syndrome of congenital Central hypoventilation (Undine syndrome), this disease has just slightly more than 1 000 people on the entire planet. The disorder affects the Central nervous system controls breathing. As a result, the child should always wear a special mask connected to the ventilator when he goes to bed. Unfortunately, the current mask retards the development of the child’s face, already causing noticeable deformation.

Parents collect money for a trip to Denmark, where doctors have developed a unique respiratory system with which a child will develop normally. Due to the syndrome of congenital Central hypoventilation nervous system of the child does not respond to breath properly during sleep. Which means that the body does not respond to increasing levels of carbon dioxide that any other healthy person will immediately cause a reaction in the form of exhalation. That’s why every time parents and other guardians shall monitor the performance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in his blood.

Under normal conditions, the breathing process is automatic, and the person does not think about it. But this disorder of the nervous system controls bad breath. Most of the victims of the Undine syndrome face problems only during sleep, but in severe cases they can occur in the waking state. The Undine syndrome is incurable, and patients are invited to a special support by stimulating ventilation. (READ MORE)