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Alcohol consumption during the period – not a very good idea!

Women should avoid during Menstruation better on alcohol

During Menstruation in most women heavy menstrual pain and mood fluctuations. To make the complaints then with a couple of glasses of wine more bearable, but it is not a good idea. Because alcohol can make the period much worse.

Recurring rule complaints

The menstrual period is for most women truly not a good time: To the ends of the periodic bleeding from the uterus journeymen during the period of frequent complaints such as back pain, abdominal cramps, and mood swings. In addition, sensitive Breasts, dizziness and headache through to migraine, women can make life difficult. However, there are some ways that can help to combat menstrual cramps. Alcohol is not one of them but. On the contrary, alcoholic drinks make things worse.

As a rule, pain want alcoholic beverages, combat is not a good idea. Because alcohol aggravates the menstrual problems. (Image: Alexander Talantsev/

Alcohol is not a solution

It sounds tempting, to combat the discomfort during Menstruation, with a couple of glasses of wine, champagne or beer to offer, but it’s not.

Women should stay during the period is better sober, since alcohol can exacerbate some of the complaints or cause.

And even before the Onset of monthly bleeding alcoholic drinks damage and the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can worsen, such as, for example abdominal pain.

Complaints to take

Alcohol also affects the hormonal balance of the body. This can lead to an irregular menstrual cycle or even the Absence of menstruation.

In addition, intake of alcohol on the length of the period.

The alcoholic beverages that the body fluid is withdrawn, which contributes to the usual cramps be even more intense.

And, not least, bleeding the magnesium content is reduced during the month in the woman’s body. Alcohol consumption exacerbates the Problem.

This can result in, among other things, to an increase in cravings because of the lack of minerals in the blood sugar level drops.

Menstrual pain naturally relieve

However, there are ways to relieve menstrual cramps in a natural way. So women can fight abdominal pain, you move a lot.

But even if sports against menstrual helps complaints, experts warn against exercising too intensely, as this could lead to an irregular period, or even the Lack thereof.

Women should also drive only sports, if you feel capable of doing it. Who suffers under the painful menstruation, do not need to force yourself to move.

Also, the diet can make an important contribution to the alleviation of the complaints. Thus, it is known that ginger cramps relieves. Additionally, the bulb warms from the inside, relaxed and reduces pain.

Health experts do not advise in General to foods that have a draining and cleansing effect, such as fruit, whole-grain rice or Nettle.

Anyone who relies on naturopathy for menstrual pain, for example, can be used with a medicinal tea, for the leaves of the mugwort, lady’s mantle, yarrow or chamomile is used for soothing heat “from the inside” to worry about. (ad)