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After the sudden death of Boxing legend: What do you know about kidney cancer should

It was like a shock, as the German Boxing world champion Graciano Rocchigiani at the age of 54 years died in a car accident in Italy. Only a few weeks later have to say goodbye to the sports world of another Boxing legend. For 2018, the three-time world champion had planned in the super Middleweight made his Comeback, but his health would not allow the re-Blossoming of the career. On the third of December, the athlete died of kidney cancer. Here is the essence of the disease is clarified, how to identify them, and when a screening is most useful.

What exactly is it kidney cancer?

In the case of kidney cancer, is a rare tumor disease. In 2014, the Robert Koch Institute had approximately 9.480 new cases in men and at 5,480 new cases in women. Therefore kidney cancer is significantly more common in men than in women. The Numbers have increased, according to the Institute, since the end of the 1990s, with the men constantly, while they declined for women.

The most common type of tumor of the renal carcinoma. Usually adults are affected in the medium to high age. The earlier the cancer is detected, the better you can treat it.

The disease occurs already in the previous age, and also other family members are affected, so it is highly likely that the disease was inherited. The German cancer society, however, this is true only in four cases out of 100.

These symptoms you should know

As long as the Tumor is small and the cancer has not yet spread, the symptoms are clear. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose kidney cancer at an early stage. Usually, the Tumor is discovered accidentally during an ultrasound examination in the area of the abdomen. In the later stages of the disease, the symptoms are already clear. You should see blood in the urine or in the lumbar region of a node, feel, seek a doctor! Also, increased fever, constant fatigue, night sweats and Nausea associated with loss of appetite can be symptoms of kidney cancer. But don’t let the crazy make – blood in the urine can, for example, also point to a kidney stone. Also fatigue and fever are not always indicators of a Tumor. Before you diagnose yourself, let a doctor take a look, also, to be sure.

What is kidney cancer?

In the majority of cases of kidney cancer, only one kidney is affected. The only way to prevent the spread of the cancer, the surgical removal of the kidney. The Tumor is discovered in a later stage of the disease, engage Physicians, to radiation – and chemo-therapies. Immune therapies and drug therapies are possible.

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How can I reduce the risk of a disease?

As with most diseases the risk factors are not fully clarified. However, there is a habit that you should get rid of, if you want to keep the risk minimal. This includes the Smoking as well as passive Smoking. The German cancer society, the risk of developing kidney cancer increases with each smoked cigarette. Therefore, it is worthwhile always to stop Smoking. This also has several advantages. It not only reduces the risk for kidney cancer 25 to 30 percent of all cancers are due to the nicotine consumption of the patient. Also, Obesity and the regular use of analgesics, which is often associated with high blood pressure, are factors that promote the cancer.


From the age of about 45 years, an annual ultrasound examination is an Option. So the Tumor is detected at an early stage and is easier to remove and treat.


In the case of kidney cancer is a rather rare tumor, which occurs in most of the cases in men in the middle to high age. The earlier the Tumor is detected, the higher the chances of a cure. You should have blood in the urine or in the lumbar region of a node, palpate, seek advice from a doctor. Smoking, Obesity, and high blood pressure increase the risk of a disease.

This article was written by Angelika Watta