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A young man, separated with a circular saw, the Arm Doctors to sew it back

In a nine-hour surgery isralische Doctors have sewn a 20-Year-old Arm, after he had separated previously-and inadvertently-with a circular saw complete. The Operation was a success. Whether the young man can use his Arm again but, as usual, is open.

Israeli Doctors have sewn a 20-Year-old Arm back, he had self-disconnected in an accident with a circular saw. The Operation was successful, said a spokeswoman for the Jerusalem Hadassah hospital on Monday. He begins to move the Finger again, and there is a pulse in the Arm, she told the German press Agency.

The man from Jerusalem’ve worked a week ago with a circular saw and accidentally the right forearm sawed off. As the young man was brought to us, was severed the Arm below the elbow completely, and told the attending doctor, the hand surgeon Arié Chetboun. Paramedics had brought the severed body part in a plastic bag and chilled.

Nine hours of SURGERY until the Arm is back where he belongs

In a more than nine-hour emergency surgery, the expert on stitching the Arm back on. The young man has his Arm back, said Chetboun. However, it is still unclear whether he will be in the future, is fully functional again. The 20-Year-old said he could not remember the Moment of the accident: I-I know, as I came into the emergency room and I woke up after the Operation.