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A flu epidemic is imminent

The number of confirmed cases of influenza continue to rise. Experts expect the Flu season starts soon. Overall, the number of cases is significantly lower than at the same date in the previous year.

In calendar week 2 of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) 1.263 flu cases were reported. So the Numbers are increased in comparison to the two preceding weeks, but still on a much lower level than last Winter. Since the beginning of the influenza Surveillance at the beginning of last October, exports were up by 3,677 people in Germany are so far to the real flu. A year ago, it was at this time 6.433.

In the pre-season, the flu had begun to wave in the last week of 2017. A wave of Flu is spoken, if the number of newly Diseased two weeks exceeds a certain threshold value. In the last week this Rate was at 18 percent, thus exceeding the threshold value; in the prior-year period, there were already 31 percent. Reason for this is, among other things, the mismatched flu vaccine did not protect against the then-dominant virus strains. This season, the vaccine composition seems to fit fine.

Who can now still get vaccinated, you must wait up to two weeks, until the Vaccination is built. It is unclear where and how much the vaccine in Germany, available. Nationwide has been around for many weeks shortages, although there are already several Thousand doses from EU countries imported.


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