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8 signs that you need a sex therapist

At certain points each of us may need psychological help of a licensed professional. If your experiences relate to sex, you need a sex therapist or sexologist. Here are eight signs that you need his help.

Are you experiencing pain or physical discomfort during sex

For starters, it is important to consult a doctor to rule out any physical condition. Unfortunately, cause soreness during sex can various diseases, including inflammation of the cervix, sexually transmitted infections, endometriosis and uterine fibroids. In such cases it is necessary medical treatment.

If a doctor fails to identify physical disorders that underlie your sexual problems, is to go to a sex therapist who will help you to determine the psychological reasons. For example, vaginismus, which causes painful spasms of the vaginal muscles during penetration, it may be due to anxiety about the sexual act. Discomfort can also occur due to problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder after a sexual assault.

Stress is one of the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. The fact that mental and physical factors so closely intertwined that painful sex is a compelling reason to sign up at the reception to a sex therapist.

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You have experienced sexual trauma

The view that trauma robs the victim in the future okay to have sex, is wrong. Sex after sexual Vasilevskogo, however, may require assistance from a sex therapist.

Sex therapists help to survive the trauma and move on, to begin to enjoy sex with a partner. This does not mean that a therapist who is not specializiruetsya on sex, may not help you bounce back after the violence. But if you want to focus on the sexual aspect, sex therapist a more suitable option.


Your sexual desires don’t match

Variantology to be mass, for example, odnomodovogo having a higher libido, like BDSM and other this theme is off-putting. To solve the situation helps the sex therapist.

If necessary, a sex therapist can also help you to understand that the relationship is not working because of the incompatibility of desires. So many people remain in unhappy relationships, or even finish them because of the inconsistencies that can solve a specialist.Joint visits to a sex therapist will help you figure out whether to save the relationship or is it better to bring them to the end.

You want the relationship were more free


This is another common scenario. Sex therapist helps couples, okazavsheesya this situation, create the format of relations that will allow them to feel safety and satisfaction. This could mean anything from, dogovorennostey of the year to have a single relationship with another person parallel to a long novel with multiple partners.

An impartial, trained person helps to ensure that none of the partners does not agree to an open relationship because of pressure from the other and that both partners respect each other’s boundaries.

Do you have questions about your gender identity

The gender revolution continues. One of the recent wins can be considered that the mayor of new York bill de Blasio signed a law that allows you to specify in the certificate of birth of the third floor of X. But there are defeats, for example, the recent news that the Department of health and human services the US wants to define gender as a fixed identity defined by a man genitals at birth.

In light of the ongoing struggle, the respect of gender identity, as well as the choice of proper words or expressions can be a difficult task. Sex therapist, especially related to friendly to the LGBT community, will help to solve these and other problems associated with this topic.

You are still trying to determine their sexual orientation


As in the case of floors, a sex therapist can help you review the questions about your sexual orientation, to convince you that with you nothing bad ever happens, and help you in the journey of self-discovery. This can be especially useful if you are in a monogamous relationship and experiencing sexual attraction to people of both sexes.

A sex therapist can also be helpful, if you are wondering about whether you’re asexual. Some people think that the work of a sex therapist aims to in your life have more sex, but it is not so. If you feel comfortable not having sex at all is also a normal variant.

Are you a current or former employee of the sex industry or are Dating someone who isn’t

A good sex therapist helps couples in which one partner works in the sex industry, to get rid of internal stigma around the profession. In many cultures, such work is considered shameful, but it is important to understand that the choice of each individual.

You want to overcome sexual shame

A sex therapist can help you cope with something that causes you shame, even if the emotion is completely unfounded. Deep down, most people who come to a sex therapist, want to be told that they are normal. Shame makes people feel the opposite, and stopping to enjoy sexual life. If something prevents you to live the sexual life you always wanted, a sex therapist can help get rid of this weight and feel happy.

How to find the best sex therapist?


Finding the right therapist is somewhat similar to the search for a partner. Despite her qualifications, therapists are people too. You may encounter a physician with your sexual problems or old-fashioned look, or simply with someone who is not right for you energetically. Here are a few steps to omoguciti the sex therapist:

  • If you have insurance, call and ask for help to find a local sex therapist. You can also browse the online directory of the insurance company, if available.
  • In the different online services there are filters that allow you to set specific search criteria. Even if you think you have found a therapist of your dreams, it is always wise to call the office and make sure that all of you found relevant information.
  • If you found the therapist takes a prohibitive amount of money for you for advice, try to find a specialist with lower qualification, who may be on the way to promotion. This does not necessarily mean that the services you receive will be less quality.
  • Try typing in the Google search a sex therapist in your city. This method is not the best, but still able to get you a good specialist.
  • Ask about the possibility of online consultations. If the best therapist you found, does not work in your city, remember that many offer consultations via phone, Skype or FaceTime. Modern technology expands the possibilities.