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6 health myths

There are theories that seem very convincing, and there is no doubt. Meanwhile, well-known best practices about maintaining health can be just myths.

The first myth: gluten is harmful. The inability to absorb gluten (vegetable protein) is characteristic of only a small number of people. However, to support the theory about the dangers of gluten for health beneficial to producers of gluten-free products. Meanwhile, studies show that these products differ in the content on the back of the reduced protein large quantities of sugar and fat.

The second myth: activated carbon is save for the hangover. Activated charcoal can indeed bind toxins by adsorption, and rapidly carry them through the intestines. But doctors emphasize that effective coal only taking the first hour after the ingestion of unwanted substances. Take it in the morning pointless.

The third myth: negative calorie foods. It is believed that such products requires for its digestion more calories not give themselves. In reality, but there is no scientific evidence that would confirm this idea.

The fourth myth: drinking while eating is unhealthy
. Experienced physicians deny it. Enters the stomach water helps to access the acids and enzymes to the food particles. Although the water dilutes the enzymes of the gastric juice, there are mechanisms of self-regulation, through which the stomach alone “determines” the desired composition of the juice.

Myth five: hard soap is dangerous – it still bacteria. Specially conducted experiments showed that the statement about the preference of liquid soap to solid unfair. Bar soap is no more dangerous to health, because no bacteria after at the hands of others does not.

Myth six: a day you need to do 10 thousand steps. Research suggests that to maintain health enough to make 5-8 thousand steps a day. Beautiful figure of 10,000 has been used by marketers in Japan in 60-e years when was invented the pedometer, and it was necessary to popularize.

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