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5 amazing ways of curing a hangover

On the eve of the festive season the theme of the best treatments for a hangover is again very relevant. British experts called 5 amazing ways to combat this phenomenon in addition to the usual aspirin.

No matter what the firm promises we gave ourselves on the eve of the festive season, keep them does not work, and sometimes we have what is called, iterate through surpluses. Almost every adult citizen has his own way of dealing with a hangover, but sometimes you want to try something more effective. British experts called 5 proven and not so common methods of getting rid of hangover.

1. Fructose. It helps to speed up the metabolism of alcohol, and this means that extra glass of wine will pass through our bodies faster, and we quickly get back to normal. To implement this process we need snacks such as candy, which is an excellent source of natural fructose, but also contain valuable potassium to help with dehydration.

2. Fatty foods. Long ago assumes that these products help to counteract the alcohol. But don’t get carried away eating greasy pizza and fried potatoes. You can afford such meals only on the eve of the campaign to some party with lots of alcohol because the food slows down its absorption. Anyway, good to eat before drinking alcohol, it is a good idea because it should not drink on an empty stomach.

3. Ginger. Great helps from indigestion, including vomiting and nausea. Prepare ginger tea, which monosaharidy, adding boiling water a slice of fresh ginger.

4. Sweat. A good sweat will help us a hot bath or sauna, because they accelerate the elimination of toxins from the lymphatic system. But remember that these procedures need to be carried out already after the party, and not a good time of it, because mixing the sauna with alcohol is extremely dangerous.

5. Sleep. This is one of the best ways to quickly restore the body. When we sleep, all the organs get a chance to relax and “recharge”. In the case of a hangover, the liver works very hard for the breakdown of alcohol, and she, too, needed rest. (READ MORE)