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3 types of people who are prone to dementia

Memory loss, impaired thinking and speech, visual and auditory hallucinations, neurological disorders and so on – all these dramatic symptoms of senile dementia, indicate age-related degradation of the brain. The doctors talked about what types of people may be more prone to dementia.

The first type is prone to dementia: single people. According to the data obtained by scientists from Florida state University, loneliness increases the risk of insanity by 40%. The researchers say that lonely people are more prone to depression, and their physical activity is lower than that of family. These factors strengthen the development of chronic inflammation in the body, which ultimately has a destructive impact on the brain. In addition, single because of the lack of constant communication is much less active function of brain neurons.

The second type is prone to dementia: smokers.
Held in South Korea, a study involving more than 46 thousand men aged 60 years, presented evidence that smokers in this age of deteriorating thought processes, which reinforces their tendency to the emergence of dementia. Compared with those who never smoked, the average consumer of tobacco has a 19% higher risk of dementia. Smokers who consume two packs of cigarettes a day, have a tendency to dementia, already increased by 172%.

The third type are prone to dementia: hudyshki. Researchers from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine stated that a shortage of body weight is correlated with various neurological diseases, including mental disorders. Those who are too thin, the risk of dementia is growing rapidly especially in the age from 50 to 60 years.

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