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17 million Corona cases from around the world – Brazil, new sad records

The number of worldwide registered Covid-19-infections has exceeded the mark of 17 million. The Johns Hopkins University from the USA reported on Thursday morning 17.029.155 Corona cases. The number increased during the course of the past nine days to more than 2 million.

Brazil, meanwhile, has seen cases, in the number of daily new infections with the Coronavirus as in the case of death in connection with the lung disease Covid-19 new highs recorded. The Ministry of health in Brasília, reported on Wednesday evening (local time) 69.074 new cases of infection within 24 hours. In total were registered in the largest and most populous country in Latin America so far 2.552.265 cases. dpa/Eraldo Peres/AP/dpa Bolsonaro-supporters hold a Demonstration, a poster with a picture of the Brazilian President.

Also on Wednesday, newly reported 1595 deaths are a new sad record. However, the state of São Paulo had previously – according to a report in the newspaper "Folha de Sao Paulo" for technical reasons data from Tuesday held back, which distorted the daily count for something. With the newly registered cases of death by Brazil broke the brand out of a total of 90,000 Corona-dead. Only in the USA so far, more infections and deaths were recorded in the Corona of a pandemic.

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