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You're Not Seeing Double! John Legend's Son Miles Is His Mini-Me

Even when Miles was just a little guy, the resemblance was real! 

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Good looks aren’t the only thing Miles inherited from his father. Legend joked, “Miles inherited my love for lying on mustard colored blankets.”

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The genes in this family are incredibly strong. 

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Dapper like his dad! 

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Chrissy Teigen jokes often that Miles and John look like bears. Here, they’re joined by some other family members. Oops! Sorry, those are just stuffed teddy bears. 

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They even make similar facial expressions. 

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Chrissy posed John for a baby photo shoot joking, “wow they grow up so fast.” 

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Does it get any cuter than this?

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Just a couple of tropical guys on vacation. 

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Wearing matching tropical shirts! 

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They’re two of a kind. 

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Legend loves to twin with his mini-me. 

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Seriously, they love to wear matching merch. 

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They both have perfected smoldering at the camera

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They’ve even got the same smile! 

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Before long, Miles will be an EGOT winner, too! 

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He’s been practicing with his dad (“My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music if you were curious) and is a natural! 

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When John won PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, both he and Miles were over-the-moon. They have the same exact facial expression! 

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Water baby! Legend and Miles both really go with the flow. 

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“Our first daddy-son lunch date. He had spaghetti and said ‘thank you’ a lot,” the dad of two wrote on Instagram.

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The father-son duo were all smiles at a baby2baby event.

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There’s no way to be crabby while looking at this photo of Miles and John in matching crab bathing suits. 

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