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What is more dangerous – marijuana or alcohol?

Actually, for anybody not a secret that alcohol and marijuana will not bring your health benefits, and this article in no case should not be seen as a call to consume alcohol or cannabis. We decided to write this material because so many people really interested in the question What is more harmful marijuana or alcohol?.


Short-term effect of marijuana and alcohol

And the question here is not about laughing or intoxication effect of marijuana. What is the short-term impact of weed and alcohol on the body? Let’s start with the fact that if you drink a lot of alcohol, your body simply does not have time to process the alcohol. Here, of course, hurt your liver, but much more dangerous lesions of the brain, which contributes to the alcohol.

As for marijuana, it is not as aggressive. While cannabis has a negative impact on the heart, increasing the heart rate. Many people have after Smoking marijuana increases the pressure, so hypertensive patients the use of marijuana can result in a substantial deterioration of health.


It is established that the alcohol much faster and stronger associated with medicinal substances than the components that are contained in marijuana. It is noteworthy that the scheme of the digestion and breakdown of alcohol in many ways similar to the splitting pattern set of drugs. Like drugs, alcohol is metabolized in the liver. This means that if you are a drug drink with alcohol, in this case, the concentration of active substance in the blood can rise considerably (womb development of serious side effects), or significantly decrease, making this drug ineffective.

Long-term consequences

Many people know what the result of alcohol abuse. The most serious problem cirrhosis of the liver which develops on the background of long-term (multiyear) alcohol intoxication.

As for lasting effects from Smoking marijuana, on this account, there is no clear answer. Animal studies show that long-term marijuana use males develop fertility issues. Does marijuana on people is still unknown. A number of studies clearly shows the influence of marijuana on human cognitive abilities. It is noteworthy that long-term regular use of cannabis only aggravates this process.

Negative effects of marijuana are not only active substances included in its composition, and method of its use Smoking. Whatever you smoke, be it tobacco or cannabis, it promotes the development of bronchitis, dry unproductive cough and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. The good news is that such changes are reversible, as in the case of cigarettes.

Premature death

Annually in the world recorded hundreds of thousands of deaths from alcohol abuse. So, alcoholics shorten their life by 15-30 years. For a number of countries (including ours) the level of alcohol consumption is off the charts and is becoming a national disaster.

At the same time, with regard to marijuana, the overdose of this product is simply impossible. And at the end of 90-ies in the authoritative American journal of American Journal of Public Health published the results of a study which said that marijuana smokers live as much as those who do not smoke. It was a large-scale study, which involved more than 65 thousand people.

Natural and processed marijuana

All information relating to marijuana in this article, refers to the net product. Medical marijuana sold in pharmacies in some countries where this is permitted. Unfortunately, it is necessary to tell and about the black market, dominated by marijuana, processed with synthetic substances. This is done in order to enhance the effect of cannabis and more likely to cause dependence. Such synthetically processed marijuana is a potent poison and is a huge threat to human health.

Marijuana, alcohol and addiction

For anybody not a secret that alcohol dependence develops. Alcoholics have a dependence on alcohol is so strong that in the period of remission they do not drink. Even a small SIP of wine made by an ex-alcoholic leads to the fact that the person breaks down and starts drinking again.

According to the American Institute National Institute of Drug Abuse, addiction occurs in 9% of marijuana users; at 15-17% of those who drink alcohol; 23% of heroin users and 32% of those who use tobacco. As we see, the dependence on alcohol is much stronger, thus eliminates marijuana usually is not too difficult for humans.

If we consider patients with addictions from alcohol and marijuana, with the first to work that much harder. I, as a doctor, it is much easier to work with drug-addicted person, than with an alcoholic. In the latter case we are dealing with the degradation of the individual, when a psychiatrist is not something to cling to, to motivate people not to drink. And even if heroin addiction person can be removed, in the case of alcoholism you can only rely on a remission. Someone short, someone longer, but sooner or later breaks down and begins to drink.

Effect on the cardiovascular system

Marijuana is harmful to the heart, and it is a proven fact. So, in the use of cannabis is accelerated cardiac rhythm, tachycardia develops. It is noteworthy that alcohol abuse is also harmful for the cardiovascular system. However, moderate doses of alcohol at an older age (if no contraindications) provide benefits to the heart.

The most beneficial alcoholic drink for the heart is considered to be wine. It contains a lot of flavonoids which help the heart, reduce bad and increase the level of good cholesterol. Most of the flavonoids contains in the dry red wines. Adding sugar to the wine leads to the loss of antioxidants.