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Inlet effect and implementation

The bowel consists of small intestine and colon. Depending on the type of intake, the whole dick will be drained colon or only the rectum. For the Cleaning of the small intestine, an oral dose of appropriate medication is necessary.

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Historical Review

A slightly bizarre story was the beginning of the Inlet. The ancient Egyptians believed to watch the sacred Ibis (a stork is a similar bird from the family of ibises and spoonbills) put the Beak in his Anus. The truth, however, was other: He took from his Steißdrüse a Secretion to the Plumage grease. However, this was the beginning of the Inlet.

The enema, a still common Utensil, was at the time modern. The present Name comes from the Greek, means “klysterion” cleaning.

Such enemas were already used in ancient times primarily to empty the bowels, but also applying to medicine or nutrients. They should serve to nourish the Sick, could not eat or nothing for their keep. So-called Nährklistiere contained, for example, Broths, wine, milk, or pureed meat.

Already 3000 years before Christ, was represented the view that diseases can be caused also by constipation. Added to this was the widespread opinion, the so-called “disease demons” would be able to leave the body through the intestines. A administered enema should speed this up. A former enema consisted of a truncated cow horn.

According to the Teachings of the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates, health was only then, when the humors were balanced. So a blockage was at the time, as the imbalance referred to. Ausleitverfahren, such as bloodletting, cupping, and also the enema, belonged to the applied therapies and are today in the natural healing back in fashion.

In the 16th century. And 17. There was a centuries-the heyday of the Enema, an enema Addiction. And to remain not only colon cleansing, but to be healthy and young and keep a youthful skin. So the enema was applied on a daily basis.

Different Devices

The implementation of an Enema is with different devices is possible.
These include, depending on the capacity, once enemas, micro enemas and Irrigators. Once enemas a capacity of 100 to 200 milliliters, micro-enemas five to ten milliliters, and with the Irrigators, a quantity of liquid from one to two litres is possible.

The most common types of inlet devices to a colon cleanse at home, Irrigators, once enemas, enema syringes and Klyso pumps. The inlet devices are in the pharmacy or online and vary in structure and application.

The Irrigator consists of a container, a tube and a bowel tube. This is introduced up to 30 inches, very carefully, in the Anus. With this device, a fluid intake of up to two litres is possible. In the application of the term “high enema is often,” because the whole of the thick intestines are cleaned.

With the enema (or micro-enema), only irritated the rectum “”. Be used between five and 200 milliliters of liquid, which is usually a hypertonic solution. This binds water in the intestine so that the stool is soft. In the case of a disposable enema is not a colon tube is necessary. This is especially important when constipation is the drug of choice and also for babies and small children can be used.

In the case of a so-called Klyso pump is the introduction of a larger amount of rinsing liquid is possible, namely, up to two liters. With the pump in a separate container liquid is sucked and then with the help of a tube in the Anus is pumped.

Inlet therapeutically

Therapeutic indications for an enema preparation to the birth, the Existence of a persistent constipation (constipation), constipation following surgery and the administration of drugs through the intestine. A Patient is able to oral medication, this can pass through the intestinal mucosa. This is then carried out in an enema.

If a Patient has a high level of Ammonia in the blood, which often happens as a result of a cirrhosis of the liver, the medicine the Lactulose enema. The Lactulose (Lactulose is a double-sugar that draws water into the colon, and ammonia binds), the Excess of ammonia binding, which is then excreted.

Another example is the so-called Resonium enema, to be used in conjunction with a chronic renal failure. The renal function is disturbed, it can be as a result, the level of potassium in the blood (Hyperkalemia). Resonium (it exchanges sodium for potassium ions in the bowel) supports the excretion of potassium.

Risks and side effects

A careful, properly conducted intake usually leads to no side effects. Although this is also dependent on the Person who gets the enema. Some people react sensitive to it. The enema will be carried out too frequently, this can lead to damage to the intestinal flora.

The wrong water temperature leads to cramps may or scalding. Any acid-containing substances in the liquid, this can lead to irritation of the intestinal mucosa. In the worst case, an anaphylactic shock as a reaction to the rinsing liquid used is possible. Other side effects circulatory problems, diarrhea, Nausea, and vomiting. Improper use is a violation of the intestinal wall or of the anus is possible.


For enemas the following contraindications exist:

  • Intestinal obstruction,
  • Malformations in the intestinal area,
  • Hemorrhoids,
  • Kidney disease,
  • chronic inflammatory bowel disease,
  • Heart disease,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Lactation,
  • Bleeding in the gastro-intestinal tract
  • and acute diseases in the abdominal area.

How often an enema is performed

To frequently performed enemas, can cause harm, as already mentioned, the intestinal mucosa. Anyone who suffers from constipation, you should not overdo this action. Once per month, an enema is not a Problem.

Is in connection with healing of the intestinal fasting previously cleaned, this is twice in a year is safe. But listen to your gut – they feel total discomfort, at the thought of an enema, then let this.

The enema at home

If you like, you can even make a home enema. Is best started at the beginning with a small amount of liquid to make the procedure familiar. Are you looking for a place in the vicinity of a toilet. You should have enough time and peace of mind. You get in the pharmacy a Einlaufset, for example, an Irrigator, and read the instructions carefully.

The longer the water remains in the bowel, the better the effect is. Ten to fifteen minutes are recommended. But do not despair, if this is possible. Also if you need to faster go to the toilet, this means that the running-without success. To whom the application of an Irrigator is too complicated, get an enema. Just for self-application, this is much easier and therefore recommend. In the pharmacy, or a well-stocked drugstore ready-for-market “Mini-enemas”, for example, with the additives glycerol, olive oil and chamomile are even available.

In General, you should have a rest after the enema. You may need some heat. You will lay comfortably with a blanket and a hot water bottle on the Couch.

Rinsing liquid

In General, as the washing liquid with warm water with a temperature of approximately 37°C. Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory and soothes the intestine. The additives in the water, such as saline, glycerol, healing earth, or Oil can be mixed. The recommended amount of additive is, however, to observe, and at the onset of the discomfort or discomfort of the enema is to stop immediately.

Again and again, the inlet is touted with coffee. This is to detoxify the liver and gallbladder. However, this is in the Hand of a therapist and is not suitable for the unauthorized procedure at home. Side effects such as circulation problems, massive nervousness, or electrolyte disturbances can occur.

Also if enema kits are available over the counter and on the Internet, the self-implementation as simple and recommended, it is touted, can be as a running-however, with the risks and side effects associated with it. Especially when the intestinal flora is, perhaps, attacked, or highly flammable changed, should be kept of this procedure distance. Who is not sure consulted before your doctor or medical practitioner. Who performs an enema at home should not be alone. In case of circulatory problems, Nausea or vomiting, help is then equal to.

The inlet due to a recurring constipation is not a permanent solution. The reason for the constipation must be found and properly treated. (sw)