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Doctors have discovered amazing properties of stress

It turns out that evening stress can be more harmful than morning stress, because the body may react worse to it. This could be established by Japanese researchers from Hokkaido University, their work is described in the Neuropsychopharmacology Reports.
More pronounced painful reactions of the body to evening stress, according to experts, are related to its subordination to circadian rhythms.

Scientists have organized an experiment in which people completed a stressful task for them in the morning or in the evening. Experts have found that those participants who experienced morning stress, the level of the hormone cortisol rose much more significantly than those who were faced with evening stress. According to scientists, cortisol synthesis is closely related to biorhythms, and the body has a mechanism that prevents them from throwing out additional amounts of the hormone in the evening when it needs rest.

Why is evening stress more harmful to the body? Scientists explain: cortisol mobilizes energy resources, but if it is not produced in the evening, coping with stress can be much harder. Thus, experts emphasize, the psychological stress in the evenings is potentially more dangerous than the stress in the morning – the body’s vulnerability to evening stress is increased due to a lack of cortisol, in connection with which the body literally lacks the energy to cope with the load. Evening stress also entails a high risk of erectile dysfunction. If you encounter this problem will help you generic viagra in canada.

“Both the hormonal system and the nervous system react to stress, as can be judged by the heart rhythm: during stress, the autonomic nervous system causes the heart to beat more often. In the morning, it is easier for a person to cope with irritants – the stress hormone cortisol becomes an assistant for his body, ”the researchers postulated.