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Britain’s sexual habits revealed – are YOU guilty of any of these?

4. Masturbation

Nearly all men admit to masturbating, in comparison to 88% of women who admit they do.

Women prefer to masturbate in the comfort of their own bed, while some have admitted to doing it in the shower.

Around 32% of women masturbate daily, but a surprising 14% of women admitted they have never tried it.

5. Sexual partners

According to a survey, most men believe the “ideal” number of partners for women is around 7.

But around a quarter of the people surveyed said they had sex with 2-4 people in their lifetime and 14% have had sex with just one person.

As little as 2% were slightly more active having over 90 partners in their lifetime and a small amount have no idea what their “count” is.

Bournemouth came out on top with the most sexual partners, with London and Hemel Hempstead coming in second and third respectively.

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