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A simple back massage with a tennis ball. Photo and video

The English doctor offers a new author’s method of massage against back pain. He argues that a back massage with a tennis ball not only effectively relieves pain, but also very simple.

The essence of the method is to massage the area of the back where there is a problem, a tennis ball. Repeat the massage daily for a few minutes. Particularly useful and accessible this method to the people working at the computer.

You need to pinch the ball between the back and the wall and make it move up and down between the shoulder blades.

Prostockmaster will help with chronic back pain and lower back pain associated with muscular disorders.

See more of VIDEO Massage with a tennis ball.

Massage tennis ball

How to check the back, if the pain persists

Here’s what to do when back pain!

  1. External examination of the back and chest, palpation of spine to detect deformation of the spine, pain points, muscle tension (spasms), muscle wasting, edema, changes in skin temperature, abnormal tumors.
  2. To assess the range of motion and issledovaniyeyami status (symptoms Wasserman, of’s symptom, Neri).
  3. Diagnostics include:x-ray methods, computer and magnetic resonance tomography of the spine, and if necessary, carry out ultrasound investigation of internal organs, endoscopic methods of research of abdominal organs.
  4. According to the testimony may be the study of cerebrospinal fluid.

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