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WWD Beauty Inc Awards: Beautycounter Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Advocating for stricter regulations in the beauty industry has been a part of Beautycounter’s mission since its inception. In addition to formulating its products according to the European Union’s banned list of more than 1,500 harmful ingredients, the five-year-old brand has been a strong supporter of a number of legislations introduced in Washington, D.C., which led founder and chief executive officer Gregg Renfrew to create the Counteract Coalition. Launched with 15 brand founders behind clean and natural beauty companies, the Counteract Coalition is a joint effort to encourage and support elected officials to implement safer regulations in the beauty industry. The coalition has traveled to the nation’s capital to meet with senators and has issued multiple letters of support to legislators who have introduced bills to amend regulations, like Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Susan Collins’ Personal Care Products Safety Act. For Renfrew, partnering with other brands—even if they’re part of Beautycounter’s competitive set—is all for the greater good. “We know we can’t do it alone,” she said, “and we are proud to work alongside other leaders in the rapidly growing safer and natural personal-care industry to demand change in Washington, D.C.”

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