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Where did you get dandruff and how to get rid of it?

With this problem at least once in a lifetime encounter every second inhabitant of the Earth, and 30% suffer from it constantly. Tell what to do if you are among the lucky ones.

Where does dandruff?

In most cases it appears due to the fungus Malassezia. But don’t worry: it’s not a parasite, but part of the normal microflora of the skin. It is more than 90% of the people. When the amount of these fungi in the norm, and exfoliate the skin happens unnoticed. But if there’s a failure, and Malassezia begins to multiply uncontrollably, exfoliation becomes too fast – and we get dandruff.

Sometimes it can also occur due to dryness of the scalp or skin diseases such as psoriasis.

That can trigger the reproduction of the fungus?

Quite a lot of things. Here are the top factors:

  • hormonal disturbances;
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • chronic infection;
  • stress;
  • wrong food;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • improper care and the habit of sleeping with wet hair (fungus loves heat and humidity);
  • too frequent washing (skin need a protective fat layer, and the shampoo and water destroy it);

How to get rid of it?

To fight dandruff, preferably in the office of the trichologist. He will be able to say for sure why there was trouble.

If it is called Malassezia need antifungal agents – therapeutic shampoos and lotions. They are sold in pharmacies. Just keep in mind that cosmetics cannot be used constantly: it is enough to apply such funds within one to two months. They have to have these active substances:

  • zinc stops the reproduction of Malassezia and some other bacteria;
  • derivatives of hydropyridine (e.g. piroctone olamine) – destroying fungi;
  • selenium disulfide is has antifungal and exfoliating action, controls sebum production;
  • ketoconazole and climbazole – destroying fungi.

If it dry, it will be enough simple moisturizers.

Well, if dandruff is caused a serious skin disease, need special treatment.

And, as the problem may appear because of health problems, it is necessary to consult with immunologist, gastroenterologist and infectious disease. Especially if the dandruff did not manage to get rid of.

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