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The tattooed doctor in the world does not scare the patients

This woman, working as a doctor, has the highest number of tattoos in the world among the representatives of this humane profession. She talked about how this body painting react her patients.

Some time ago, this woman was awarded the title of the most tattooed doctor on the planet. A resident of Adelaide Dr Sarah gray did his first tattoo at 16 years of age, and has since conducted a total of 300 hours under the needle of tattoo artist. Her skin still decorated with dozens of the most diverse figures, and the Dr. grey calls himself a collector of wearable art. The 30-year-old woman is quite happy with their appearance, but not every patient may to such to get used immediately. The same applies to colleagues, at first, seeing Sara was very skeptical.

She had a long way to prove that between the tattoos on the body and level of training there is no connection. Today, Dr. grey is highly respected at work, but in communicating with patients can be some confusion. In addition, she has complained that sometimes its just not allowed in restaurants or casinos because of the huge number of tattoos. Well, if a woman attends fashion boutiques with clothes that somehow stubbornly ignore it.

“They serve other consumers in the first place, and with me not even come in contact with the eyes, says Dr. gray. – I have long to wait, and only after that they come to me. As for patients, they in most cases respond normally, but elderly people may exhibit wariness. Tattoo is now in Vogue, and sometimes I make even more friendships with their patients, who also like it. And success in the treatment of the trust and mutual understanding is very important.” (READ MORE)