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The skin around the eyes gives the real age

Experiment with artificial intelligence has shown that the skin around the eyes gives the present age of man – that its assessment program is best determined by the age, show her. This algorithm is called PhotoAgeClock, it was developed by a group of scientists from Moscow state University and the Estonian technology start-up HautAI OU under the leadership of Evgeny Bobrov. On the development of specialists reported in the journal Aging.

Using more than 8,400 photographs upper part of the face of different people, the researchers were able to teach artificial intelligence to determine the age. The program took into account the correlation of these images of persons from data about the true age of the people in the photo that accompanied.

Then the researchers tested how well the program determines the real age of people, assessing the condition of the upper part of the face. It turned out that the age of those whose pictures they could see the skin around the eyes, the algorithm identified the best.

“Best of all, he determined the age of those whose images were clearly visible in the corners of his eyes. The program found out their date of birth with accuracy, on average – to 2.3 years,” said the authors of the project.
Scientists noted that a thorough analysis of the changes of the skin around the eyes allows to obtain reliable data on the status of the human body. Thus, the skin around the eyes gives the real age of a person, and this is important, because chronological age does not always correspond to biological, scientists said. It is expected that their development will help to create a system of accurate assessment of the health of the human body.

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