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L’Oréal Debuting School, Creating Bachelor’s Degree in Hairdressing, Entrepreneurship

PARIS — Digital has transformed the hairdressing industry, and to evolve with swiftly changing times, L’Oréal will open a school and create the first bachelor’s degree in hairdressing and entrepreneurship, the group said on Tuesday.

“With over 10,000 job vacancies in France, the hairdressing industry is suffering from a lack of qualified and motivated workers,” Nathalie Roos, president of the Professional Products division at L’Oréal, said in a statement. “With the creation of our school and the first bachelor’s degree in ‘Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship,’ we want to create an appealing and high-quality course for younger generations, offering comprehensive training which teaches not only technical proficiency but also cross-functional skills in entrepreneurship and digital.

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