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How to lose weight on the chocolate?

Types of people love chocolate

Why do we love chocolate?

Probably no one will refuse a piece of natural chocolate. A lot of people just chocolate fans, love him very much and often eat. And deal with it not everyone succeeds.

Such people eat chocolate, always and everywhere, wherever they went. Plate of chocolate may even have them in the bag that was always at hand. Remember, as parents often forbade us to eat sweets until you eat something substantial and nutritious? So why now, few people follow this rule? Magicforum found out how useful a chocolate and how to lose weight on the chocolate diet.

How to lose weight on the chocolate?

Most of the taste and the feeling of pleasure from food meets the brain, and therefore it turns out, the body asks for one, and the soul is quite another. I want something tasty and enjoyable, VIV this case, the assistance to come a chocolate bar.

What to do if chocolate is impossible to resist, but to lose weight, want? Then don’t give up, and turn chocolate into a means for weight loss.

Thanks to this the chocolate diet, it is possible to lose up to three kilograms in two weeks. Someone might ask how you can lose weight, if only a hundred grams dark organic chocolate contains more than 500 calories? Also chocolate contains large amounts of carbohydrates, sugars and fat.

All people who are very much like chocolate, can be divided into six separate groups, differing in character and in relation to the sweet. Let’s list: the chocolate spy, person-holiday, a romantic, a fan, patient and victim of PMS. Discuss each separately.

Types of people love chocolate

The chocolate spy. These are the people who constantly have a bar of chocolate and lie such stash anywhere around the house. Most often, according to psychology, a person is constantly dissatisfied with something and therefore sticks his dissatisfaction with a sweet, or is he just ashamed that eats it so much, and that nobody knew, trying to hide a chocolate bar.

So, diet for “the chocolate spy”: required products for a day or 275 ml of pasteurized milk, tea or coffee one or two cups, or 6-8 glasses of pure water. The norm for each day – no more than 250 calories.

In the first week of the dietis allowed to eat chocolate. This is certainly need to have a strong endurance, but it’s worth it. It can be replaced by other products, for example, a glass of milk and 50 grams of cornflakes, one banana and a glass of orange juice.

But if you want something in bigger then a slice of rye bread, boiled egg, tomato and orange juice.

In the diet should be limited to light meals and salads, vegetables, white meat. You can eat some fried fish, potatoes and one banana.

In addition, there should be one main dish, the calorie content is not more than 400 calories per day.

What kind of dishes: one hundred grams of fried liver, two fries, two teaspoons of corn and the same of orange juice, one banana.

Or you can use this: 75 grams of red meat, two tablespoons of roasted potatoes and a rye bun. To all this, is attached and dessert. It must contain no more than 100 calories. This can be a glass of wine or 250 ml beer.

Next week, the diet is repeated, only with a small addition of chocolate (150 calories), and dessert increases to 200 calories.

The following type of people, this man is the occasion. Such people permanent all give chocolate for the holidays or just a lack of sweet starts you depress.

Diet: daily diet includes the total amount of calories per day is 1350, and on weekends or holidays, a little more – 1600 calories.

Breakfast such a person should be no more than 250 calories. This can be, for example, one boiled egg, a sandwich with butter or jam, and a glass of fruit juice.

Light meals can be salads, cornflakes, one banana, and so on. The main dish of the day, consisting of 450 calories, can enter 200 grams of white meat, 75 grams of rice, 50 grams of corn and the same of carrots.

Or you can change it to 100 grams of liver, a slice of bacon, one sausage, 75 grams of mashed potatoes and 100 boiled mushrooms.

Of the offered desserts, you can also select: one banana, or two sandwiches with tomatoes and butter.

In the second week of the diet, you can include in the diet and chocolate, for 300 calories. It is undesirable to use fatty foods and sauces.

Romantic. The title of the next type of sweet tooth. These people are beautiful, the main thing that was a wrapper on the chocolate and the candy was appealing. Any sorrow or the disorder in his personal life, and all you have in your hands a bar of chocolate, a best friend in stressful situations. In such cases, give up sweets for one day can be very difficult.

Diet: of course, for a week need to give up sweets at all. To drink mineral water, or 275 ml lowfat milk. Your day is Packed like this: Breakfast – 250 calories lunch – 350 calories dinner – 400 calories, and dessert – 100 calorie.

What could it be? Breakfast – fruit salad with nuts and yoghurt, or a slice of fried bacon, 50 grams of corn, two slices of toast and orange juice.

Lunch – salad from vegetables, and two slices of black bread, a slice of red fish, boiled egg and a piece of cheese.

Dinner – 100 grams of fried liver, boiled a few potatoes, one biscuit from flour, fruit juice and one banana.

Dessert – a banana or a biscuit. In the second week you can start to use shokolad, three times a week at 300 calories.

Moving on to the next character – fan. These are the people who always somewhere in a hurry, and no time to really eat, and work takes a lot of mental effort. It is sweet and comes to the rescue as a snack in between work.

Diet: 275 ml of milk, lots of water and multivitamins. A week without chocolate.

For Breakfast you can eat a banana, slice of melon, a cheese sandwich, or replace it with two toast with peanut butter, tomato and a glass of fruit juice.

Also includes, snacks, main meal at 400 calories, and dessert – any of these other diets. 200 calories of chocolate, starting from the second week.

Patients call those who constantly, often since childhood, soothed with the sweet. Even as adults, these people consistently relieve stress with chocolate, and gradually it becomes a habit, without which can not.

Diet is also based on low-fat milk, and the first week you need to stick to the list of products included in the diet for “chocolate spies“listed a little higher. For dessert – one banana or 10 grapes.

Starting from the second week, add 200 calories of chocolate, with a subsequent decrease portions. Try not to stress-eating sweet, and its only when you have a good mood.

Victim of PMS. Usually are women, in the premenstrual period, when the nerves are not the limit, is manifested in constant dissatisfaction and so on.

Diet: starts during menstruation, well, or the week before. The first week, as expected, without the sweet, five meals of 250 calories and the dessert.

What it could be:

Oatmeal, an Apple and cheese toast, juice. Or 50 grams of cereal with milk, one banana and half a grapefruit.

Main dishes: two potatoes and 150 grams of fish, slice of bread and one Apple. 75 grams of fried meat and one potato, or substitute on one meat Patty, Apple and 125 grams of beans.

Salads with chicken or white fish. A snack will fit toast with cheese and Apple, tuna or white meat with plums. The second week add 100 calories of chocolate every day.

The main thing in these diets, not to throw off the pounds and overcome the addiction to eat too much candy and chocolate.

Why do we love chocolate?

In General, chocolate has properties that are considered and the pros and cons for human body. Chocolate gives beauty to those who eat it, but in turn affects the weight, and contributes to the appearance of caries. In order that the consumption of chocolate was only good for you, it is necessary to eat properly.

For example, if you eat chocolate in the right amounts, it can not only recover, but to lose weight, and making the mask out of chocolate, it is possible to get rid of cellulite and make your skin soft and supple.

In our time it is a product used in most cosmetic procedures, make chocolate body wraps and baths. It’s not only delicious, but also nice.

To get started is to pay attention to what is good for us chocolate. It contains such microelements and vitamins like B1, B2, F, E and PP, as well as potassium, iron, caffeine, various acids, magnesium and other beneficial antioxidants.

Everyone who has ever drank coffee knows that caffeine is able to reduce stress and fatigue, invigorates and has toning properties. And since chocolate contains a large amount of caffeine, it is able to reduce blood pressure, and lowers the incidence of heart.

For cosmetic purposes, chocolateapplicable due to included in its composition of cocoa butter, which makes the skin supple and elastic, affect the circulation, and prevents swelling. It is also very important that the chocolate breaks down fats.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of chocolate, it is worth to try its effect on himself.

So, finally, we’ll talk about the chocolate diet. If someone thinks that eating chocolate immensely, you can lose something very wrong, because the chocolate diet is based on strict rules, and quite hard, it is necessary to warn. But if you follow its prescriptions, then you can achieve excellent results from those five throw pounds.

The main products during the course of the diet: 100 grams of dark chocolate every day, coffee and pure water. The main thing that the chocolate was organic and with a lot of the content of cocoa beans. This all you can eat during the week, but it is worth noting that, time of meal, does not change.

After this course, next week is a break week, after which you can repeat the chocolate diet again.

The first days the feeling of hunger is very strong, but gradually decreases. If the start weak and dizzy, eat a piece of chocolate. And it is not surprising that weakness of will, because the total number of calories in this diet is only 500-600 calories, and it’s not enough for complete nutrition. However, this diet is your results, and quite good.

Apply the chocolate diet, is strictly prohibited, if you have such health problems as gastritis, other stomach problems, heart disease, liver. In any case you are allowed to do fasting days on chocolate at least once a week.

In most beauty salons are very popular chocolate bath. It help to rejuvenate the skin, making it soft and velvety, removes toxins, leading to weight reduction and of course uplifting.

Previously, scientists have created a chocolate gum.