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Caring for skin from A to z

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How to start a skin care?

What you need to know about quitting?

What means to care for the person need

How to use the maintenance cream?

How to nourish the skin?

In order to make the facial skin look beautiful and as long as you can stay young and fresh for her to properly care for. This should be done daily with the use of special funds, selected in strict accordance with the skin type. Magicforum figured outhow to care for skin.

How to start a skin care?

To DETERMINE your SKIN TYPE is easy, it is enough to conduct a simple analysis of its “behavior”. It is important to do it immediately, because it is necessary to base all actions on care. So, You have:
Oily skinif your pores are visibly enlarged, a few hours after washing, there Shine, there is a tendency to acne, there are blackheads;
Normal skinif it has a matte finish even after several hours after washing, no or very few black dots, while after washing You do not feel a strong tightness.
Combined (mixed) skin, if the Shine appears only in the region of the forehead, nose and chin, with cheeks skin is dry and needs moisturizing.
Dry skinif after cleansing You will feel an unpleasant tightness, some time after the application of moisturizer You want to spread it again, loved completely, the pores narrowed.

To determine the type of skin test can be performed with a cosmetic napkin tightly attaching it to the face in 3-4 hours after washing.

What you need to know about quitting?

The whole skin care of the face can be divided into several stages, the first of which is cleansing. It is necessary to remove from the face traces of makeup, dirt, dead skin cells and sebum that clog the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe.

To CLEAN the SKIN must twice a day, morning and evening. For daily use best suited special gels and foams for washing. Very easy to use: a small amount is distributed over the previously moistened face and rinse with plain water.

For a more thorough cleansing when washing your face, gently clean the skin with lotion or tonic. If you wear makeup, before washing it better to remove the special cream or lotion applied on a cotton pad.

What means to care for the person need

Of cleaning tools in the Arsenal of every girl there should also be a scrub. In the composition of the scrubs are abrasive particles which promote deeper cleansing and better exfoliation. To apply you must scrub to moistened skin and massage gently. This massage improves blood circulation, promotes normalization of metabolic processes of the skin.

However, the use of the scrubonly 1-2 times a week. Daily application is unacceptable as the frequent use, the skin becomes thinner, which causes irritation and leads to premature wrinkles.

Especially need gently used scrubs for Mature skin prone to dryness and flaking. In this case, you only need to use a special scrub designed for dry skin. As a rule, these means the size of abrasive particles is minimal, which ensures a soft and non-traumatic exfoliation. Excessive scrubs are the owners of oily skin is also unacceptable. Peresushivaya regularly, the skin starts to produce more and more fat, which will make the Shine more noticeable and provoke the appearance of acne and blackheads.

Scrub for oily skin should contain in its composition of salicylic acid or other substances with a disinfecting effect. Also owners of oily skin can be combined using a scrub with a cleansing mask. Its application will allow to liberate the skin from impurities and sebum, and provide additional power.

How to use the maintenance cream?

Skin care face is unthinkable without the use of creams. They need to provide skin with nutrients required for its normal functioning. It should be remembered that at different times of the day in our skin there are different processes, soDAY AND NIGHT CREAM should be different. Night cream should be more nutritious, provide deep moisturizing, while for daytime use are more suitable for light cream.

There is a perception that oily skin does not need moisturizing, and use creams optional. This view is mistaken. Without proper hydration oily skin starts to moisturize itself, allocating a large amount of sebum. Special cream to deeply nourish the skin, regulating the process of sebum production. After applying such a skin keeps a matte finish.

Applying any cream, it is important to avoid the eye area, for this particularly delicate area you need to use special tools. Conversely, do not forget the neck and décolleté. In the absence of proper care these places show their age as well as passport.

To enhance the action of the cream, and deeper penetration of its components, you can use ESSENTIAL OILS. These biologically active substances of plant origin have a positive effect on the skin. The main thing – not to be mistaken with a choice of essential oils and do not overdo the dosage. For the face, it is enough to add the cream 1-2 drops.

While oily skin is better to use essential oils of orange, bergamot, tea tree and juniper. For dry skin are more suitable rose, rosewood, patchouli, sandalwood. For all skin types you can apply essential oils of Jasmine, pine and lavender.

How to nourish the skin?

Along with the daily application of creams skin needs in more serious meals, which can be obtained only when using MASKS. There are two options: ready-to-use masks or their independent production. The second option is preferred because of the lack of chemistry, but not everyone has the time to produce the mask. Fortunately, today there are many ready-made masks based on natural ingredients.

More preferable to use a mask based on honey and plant extracts. They contain biologically active compounds that cause the pores to stimulate cell renewal and deeply nourishes the skin. The result of even one use be fresh, taut skin and even tone of the face. To preserve this effect the mask is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

In addition to regular care, facial skin requires careful treatment. So, it must be protected from ultraviolet radiation. Try not to expose the face to direct sunlight. If you need to stay in the sun for extended periods of time, be sure to use protective cream with SPF.

Observing all these simple tips and using natural and high quality cosmetic products can significantly prolong the youthfulness of the skin, to get rid of acne, irritation and flaking. We must not forget about proper nutrition and routines.

The key is to remember that caring for skin needs regularly, and then, after a while she will thank you!

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