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Around is Healthy? Two studies dismantle a well-known nutrition myth

Germany has so many Obese. 62 per cent of adult men and 43 percent of adult women are, to put it crudely formulated to thick. The reasons for this may be due to a sedentary life style or the fact that many Doctors and scientists look at the love handles as a little bit of concern, or even a life-prolonging effect.

The “mirror” quoted in its current issue, two studies, the want to get rid of the Overweight-live-longer-myth. This is on the one hand, a study of Sadiya Kahn, the Northwestern University of Chicago.

Kahn evaluated more than 190,000 records, with the result that obese men and women have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease than normal weight.

As overweight people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) is from 25 to 29.9. Also, the life expectancy of normal-weight people, according to the study, higher by 3.4 years for women and 1.9 years for men.

Kahn delivers according to the “mirror” is also a statement of the reasons for the myth, “Thick live longer”. She concludes from her results that Overweight suffer earlier in life such as a stroke, and then longer to suffer the consequences, but not longer life.

Relationships with Smoking examined

The second study comes from the University of Glasgow. The scientist Stamatina Iliodromiti has analysed 300,000 records. Over the course of several years, the study looked at these people again and again. Also, this study comes to the conclusion: Obesity is associated with a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases.

The stomach plays a crucial role – the larger the waist circumference fat, the more harmful to the circulatory System affected. A circumference of 74 centimeters in women and 83 in men is of the study than at the gesündet.

Iliodromiti was, according to the “mirror” is also a statistical fallacy on the ropes, according to the normal-weight people have a higher mortality rate. The researcher took into account in their studies of cigarette consumption, slows down the appetite and thus leads to a lower body weight. In the process, but this was not the weight of the people to an earlier death, but your Smoking.