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Argan oil for hair: use, application, tips for choosing

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Benefits of argan oil for hair

The use of argan oil for hair

How to choose argan oil for hair?

The fruits used since ancient times popular in personal care. Moroccan beauties used the oil for hair and skin, to give not only a delicious flavor, but also a unique appearance. In modern life it unduly displace other cosmetics, although with the right application you can achieve beauty hair with argan oil in a matter of weeks.

What is the use of argan oil for hair, how to apply it correctly to select? All the answers to the most popular questions we gathered in one material.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

Argan oil is one of the most useful in cosmetology. Although raised many questions among professionals and ordinary women, who do not understand: whether quality means high price?

What provides the benefits of argan oil? First and foremost, the rich composition of this cosmetic product. It is tocopherol, which is vitamin of beauty and eternal youth. Thanks to him, start regeneration processes, so the oil will be useful in the treatment of brittle, weak hair. Also have polyphenols, which give the hair smoothness and Shine.

Organic acids — lilac, vanillic and ferulic — anti-inflammatory properties that allows treatment of dandruff. Benefits to the hair and provide fatty acids contained in argan oil. This oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic, which protect the hair: it increases their resistance to various negative impacts, such as atmospheric pollution, low temperatures, treatment with Hairdryer and irons and so on.

Help and sterols, which rejuvenate, activating various metabolic processes and the production of collagen and glasinovich fibers in cells. Taken together, this will make the hair elastic, beautiful, strong and shiny. In General, the whole benefit lies in the beauty of hair appearance is derived from argan oil.

I must say that the benefits of argan oil lies in the fact that it solves the problems with the scalp. Thanks to him, can cure various diseases, to achieve excellent cosmetic effect. Besides, it provides moisture for dry hair, repair the damaged and strengthen the drop-down locks to protect the weak.

Argan oil can protect against harmful environmental influences, e.g. UV radiation, humidity and so on. It can also slow the graying of hair, prevent the formation of dandruff. If you spread it over the tips, then the cross hairs can be forgotten in no time.

The use of argan oil for hair

However, it should be remembered that the use of argan oil you can feel only if you use it on a regular basis. The application of this type oil is no different from other species. However, there are some nuances you should be aware of before applying.

The fact that argan oil is a true extract of tropical oils, in other words, it is the extremely high concentration of beneficial properties. Therefore, its use should be careful. Argan oil should not be applied in too large quantities, is several times smaller than the other essential oil.

You should also be careful to those people who suffer from various allergic reactions. Therefore, before you apply it, you should make sure there is no reaction — sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, dizziness. Lubricate the sensitive area of the skin with argan oil and check to receive any response. If no burning, itching, redness or rash, then you can start to use argan oil.

Indications for the use of oil will become damaged, dry, falling hair, slow growth, dandruff, split ends. But the use may be prohibited only in case of individual intolerance and allergic reactions to argan oil.

The most effective argan oil if heating it up to 40-60 degrees. The product should be rubbed into the roots, and then distribute on all length of hair. You can also perform self-massage to treat the scalp. If you have split ends, they must apply a liberal amount of argan oil.

After applying the oil should create a “greenhouse effect”, as the heat only adds to his favor. It’s enough to wear a shower cap or wrap head with a plastic bag, then wrapped in a towel. As a rule, all of the mask based on argan oil should not be kept on the hair longer than half an hour.

It should be noted that after the application of argan oil may feel greasy. To get rid of it thoroughly rinsing the head. Shampoo should be applied without water to the hair, and then directed to the jet head. Thoroughly rinsing with water, the oiliness goes.

You should not use argan oil too often. Usually the first course of restoration for about two months when applied twice a week. You must then reduce the number to once a week.

How to choose argan oil for hair?

Buy argan oil must be properly. It has to be with a nutty aroma, light Golden hue. You should pay attention to the name, which is available on the package. It should be just oil and not the elixir, essence, or something else. Because the latter contains too small amount of natural argan oil. In addition, the manufacturer only Morocco, the birthplace of argan oil. Also pay attention to the price — average cost is 1200-1500 rubles. Lower price likely suggests that it is poor quality or unnatural product.