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A mask of gold will save adults from acne

Gold dust may come in place of the tablets to adult victims of acne, as suggested by dermatologists. Note that from this disorder of the skin affecting up to 80% of all people in a particular period of life.

Effect on the skin with gold dust seems to be something pseudo-scientific, however, an increasing number of celebs choose their brilliant gilded facial masks. And now dermatologists are using gold particles with a laser to treat acne in adult patients. It is suggested that this technique may come to replace difficult for the body to drugs. Tiny grains of quartz, wrapped in gold, massage movements rubbed into the pores and reach the sebaceous glands where under the influence of heating with a laser penetrate the skin. The heat absorbed by the particles, creates a controlled burn, eventually reducing the area of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, the acne vanish from the skin.

Statistics show that it is not me 80% of people encounter acne at some point in life. Sometimes they have very unpleasant and even painful pimples on the face, back or chest. 5% women, 1% men over 25, acne is an ongoing issue with which they must deal. Outbreaks of acne are caused by blockade of sebum in the pores, in combination with infection caused by the bacterium acnes Cutibacterium.

The first choice in the Arsenal of the dermatologist in the treatment of acne are the different kinds of products for external use like benzoilperoksida or retinoids, which have minimal or manageable side effects like redness or peeling of the skin. In more serious cases of acne, if these creams do not help, antibiotics or medications on a hormonal basis. For women these may include oral contraceptives. But in this case often the treatment of pimples does not produce the desired effect, so patients prescribed isotretinoin and Roaccutane. In addition, long-term use of antibiotics may cause development of antibiotic resistance. (READ MORE)