Why beta-blockers cause skin inflammation

Beta-blockers are often used to treat high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. However, in some patients they can trigger or exacerbate psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease. Scientists at the University of Bonn and Freie Universität Berlin have now found a possible cause for this. Their results have been published in the journal Autophagy. It […]

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Study helps explain why exercise guards against heart disease

Regular exercise protects the cardiovascular system by reducing risk factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure. “But we believe there are certain risk factors for cardiovascular disease that are not fully understood,” says Matthias Nahrendorf, MD, Ph.D., of the Center for Systems Biology at MGH. In particular, Nahrendorf and his team wanted to better understand […]

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Why we love big, blood-curdling screams

Of all the sounds humans produce, nothing captures our attention quite like a good scream. They’re a regular feature of horror films, whether it’s Marion Crane’s infamous shower scream in “Psycho” or Chrissie Watkins’ blood-curdling scream at the beginning of “Jaws.” Screams might seem simple, but they can actually convey a complex set of emotions. […]

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Why This Mom Chose to Be a Surrogate — 4 Times

Surrogacy is rising in popularity in the United States — and not just for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Over the past two decades, thousands more are turning to gestational carriers, people who carry an implanted embryo to term, as they seek alternative measures to expand their families. Despite its prevalence, there are […]

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Why inflammation is better for you than you may think

This morning, my daughter’s hand got stuck in a hotel lift door. Thankfully, with a little handiwork and the help of a crowbar, she was freed relatively unscathed. The hotel staff immediately fetched ice. Despite knowing that ice may do injuries more harm than good, I held the ice against her swollen hand because it […]

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Why is lying to children better

"If you’re not a good boy, I’ll call the police!" Some parents use one or the other lie to get their children to behave. A new study by the Technical University in Singapore shows that this can have long-term effects on the offspring. Apparently, the adults were cheating, as a child, more and more often […]