Personal Health

After GWAS studies, how to narrow the search for genes?

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) look at large populations to find genes that contribute to common, multi-gene traits like height or obesity. These comprehensive investigations frequently turn up large numbers of tiny genetic variations that show up more often in people who are tall, obese, etc. But this association doesn’t mean the variant actually helps cause […]

Health News

A considerable percentage of deaths in HIV patients are due to cryptococcal infections

Cryptococcal meningitis causes about one in ten HIV-related deaths, according to a study of autopsies performed in Mozambique and Brazil and coordinated by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), an institution supported by “la Caixa.” Cryptococcus is an opportunistic fungus that is found in environmental samples but can cause fatal disease, especially in immune […]

Health Problems

Progress to restore movement in people with neuromotor disabilities

A study published in the advanced edition of 12 April in the journal Neural Computation shows that approaches based on Long-Short Term Memory decoders could provide better algorithms for neuroprostheses that employ Brain-Machine Interfaces to restore movement in patients with severe neuromotor disabilities. This investigation was carried out by researchers of Duke University (USA) and […]