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This Hunter x Peppa Pig Collaboration Is Downright Genius

Peppa Pig, as many parents of toddlers can tell you, is a young pig who lives with her parents and brother, George, wears clothes, and really really loves muddy puddles. Which makes Peppa Pig’s latest collaboration genius as well as adorable. Hunter, the company behind England’s most-loved rainboots, is teaming up with Peppa Pig to […]

Personal Health

This tick could stay in apartments

The brown dog tick, which is actually in the Mediterranean, home, feels, more recently, also in Germany, especially in apartments. Prior to that, experts from the University of Hohenheim warn. For the research, the population is asked to, finds the Brown dog tick to report with image. Around 25 degrees and dry, she’s lurking it […]

Kids Health

This Mom Just Gave Birth AT a Pink Concert

Wow, folks. A U.K. mom and die-hard Pink fan by the name of Denise Jones just put me and my mid-pop-concert-breast-pumping to shame. (And I am honestly very proud of my abilities to hand-pump in the bathroom of Madison Square Garden, but that’s a story for another day). This mom scoffs at your mediocre mid-concert […]