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The reason you should add chia seeds to your water

Chia seeds have been all the rage with the health-conscious for some time and it’s easy to see why. “Chia seeds are robustly nutritious seeds that originate from the plant Salvia Hispanic L,” Alicia Romano, a registered dietitian at Tufts Medical Center and media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics told Good Housekeeping. […]

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On the menu at China virus market: rats and live wolf pups

The food market where China’s deadly virus surfaced was a smorgasbord of exotic wildlife ranging from wolf pups to species linked to previous pandemics such as civets, according to vendor information and a Chinese media report. The Huanan Seafood Market in the central city of Wuhan came under greater scrutiny on Wednesday as Chinese officials […]

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Killer Chinese virus comes to the US, CDC says

Killer Chinese virus comes to the US: Patient infected with SARS-like coronavirus is reported in Washington state, CDC says Sources at the CDC told CNN that a patient in Washington has the coronavirus spreading from China  Chinese officials yesterday confirmed the virus has spread between humans Fifteen healthcare workers have caught the respiratory virus, figures […]

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Using marijuana may risk the lives of millions of heart patients

Warning for 2 million weed-smoking heart patients: Marijuana may boost statin and blood thinner levels to dangerous levels and cause the SAME cardiovascular damage as cigarettes Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers estimate that some two million Americans with heart disease use marijuana  A review of prior studies found the livers attempt to process both marijuana […]

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Violence and adversity in early life can alter the brain

Childhood adversity is a significant problem in the US, particularly for children growing up in poverty. Those who experience poverty have a much higher risk of being exposed to violence and suffering from a lack of social support, which can have long-term consequences including higher rates of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. People exposed to […]