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The reason you should add chia seeds to your water

Chia seeds have been all the rage with the health-conscious for some time and it’s easy to see why. “Chia seeds are robustly nutritious seeds that originate from the plant Salvia Hispanic L,” Alicia Romano, a registered dietitian at Tufts Medical Center and media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics told Good Housekeeping. […]

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This is when a birthmark should worry you

If your baby was born with a birthmark, in most cases you should have little cause for worry, since most of these are quite harmless and won’t require any treatment at all. Nationwide Children’s Hospital says that over 80 percent of all newborns have some type of birthmark, which is defined as a colored spot […]

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What You Should Know About A Gluten-Free Diet

Lisa Donaldson, Voome’s lead dietitian, recently responded to some questions that those with celiac disease, particularly those recently diagnosed with the disease, will find helpful. Celiac disease has been described as an auto-immune disorder where the ingesting food containing gluten damages the small intestine. As such, people with this disease need to stick to a diet that is gluten-free. The series of concerns people with the disorder have to include wanting to know […]

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Environmental cost of formula milk should be a matter of global concern

“The production of unnecessary infant and toddler formulas exacerbates environmental damage and should be a matter of increasing global concern,” argue experts in The BMJ today. Furthermore, Dr. Natalie Shenker, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at Imperial College London, and colleagues highlight research showing breastfeeding for six months saves an estimated 95-153 kg CO2 equivalent per […]

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Doctors ‘should tell their patients to stop using cars’

Doctors ‘should tell their patients to stop using cars’ and encourage cycling and walking to cut down on damaging pollution Dr Ben Marshall said healthcare professionals should be the ‘driving force’ Small actions such as travelling by foot should be advised by doctors, he said  Young children are particularly at risk of harm from pollutants […]