Kids Health

Umbilical cord milking may be linked to higher risk of brain bleeding in preterm infants

Milking the umbilical cord—gently squeezing the cord and pushing the contents into the newborn’s abdomen before clamping the cord—could increase the risk for severe intraventricular hemorrhage, or bleeding into the brain’s fluid-filled cavities, in extremely preterm infants, according to results of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health that was halted for safety […]

Health Problems

Risk for second primary malignancy up in CLL survivors

(HealthDay)—Survivors of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) have an increased risk for second primary malignancy (SPM), according to a study published online Sept. 30 in Blood Cancer Journal. Vivek Kumar, M.D., from Harvard Medical School in Boston, and colleagues compared differences in risk for SPMs among CLL survivors from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results database […]

Personal Health

Cataracts Are Like 'Gray Hair' According to This Doctor—Here's What to Know About Your Risk

Cataracts: They're likely a condition that you've heard of but don't quite know much about—other than how they can make you lose your eyesight, which sounds extremely scary. But in reality, cataracts are surprisingly common. "Cataracts are like gray hair," Shameema Sikder, MD, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins University's Wilmer Eye Institute and director of […]

Health News

Autism spectrum disorder risk linked to insufficient placental steroid

A study in experimental models suggests that allopregnanolone, one of many hormones produced by the placenta during pregnancy, is so essential to normal fetal brain development that when provision of that hormone decreases or stops abruptly—as occurs with premature birth—offspring are more likely to develop autism-like behaviors. A Children’s National Hospital research team reports the […]

Health Problems

Brain scans may provide clues to suicide risk

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Utah Health have identified brain circuitry differences that might be associated with suicidal behavior in individuals with mood disorders. The study, published in Psychological Medicine, provides a promising lead toward tools that can predict which individuals are at the highest risk for suicide. […]

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Positive family relationship as a teen lowers risk of depression

Teenagers who have good relationships with their families are less depressed later in life, study finds Researchers followed 18,000 people from teen years to adulthood and measured symptoms of depression They also asked how well their families understood them, paid attention to them and how often they had arguments Teenagers with positive family relationships were […]