Encyclopedic tumor analysis for guiding treatment of advanced, broadly refractory cancers

RESILIENT was a single arm, open label, phase II/III study to test if label agnostic therapy regimens guided by Encyclopedic Tumor Analysis can offer meaningful clinical benefit for patients with relapsed refractory metastatic malignancies. Patients with advanced refractory solid organ malignancies where disease had progressed following 2 lines of systemic treatments were enrolled in the […]

Personal Health

Researchers assert importance of diversity in genomics research

Broadening diversity among participants in human genomics research will maximize its potential to discover causes and possible treatments of diseases, requiring thoughtful study design and methodological considerations, write members of an international genomics consortium in the journal Cell. In the journal’s Oct. 10 issue, a working group in the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium examined the scientific […]

Health News

Positive family relationship as a teen lowers risk of depression

Teenagers who have good relationships with their families are less depressed later in life, study finds Researchers followed 18,000 people from teen years to adulthood and measured symptoms of depression They also asked how well their families understood them, paid attention to them and how often they had arguments Teenagers with positive family relationships were […]

Health Problems

Scientists find timekeepers of gut’s immune system

As people go through their daily and nightly routines, their digestive tracts follow a routine, too: digesting food and absorbing nutrients during waking hours, and replenishing worn-out cells during sleep. Shift work and jet lag can knock sleep schedules and digestive rhythms out of whack. Such disruptions have been linked to increased risk of intestinal […]