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New database enhances genomics research collaboration

Sharing datasets that reveal the function of genomic variants in health and disease has become easier, with the launch of a new, open-source database developed by Australian and North American researchers. The MaveDB database is a repository for data from experiments—called multiplex assays of variant effect (MAVEs) – that systematically measure the impact of thousands […]

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New research reveals how we make sense of compound words

People process compound words—like snowball—and words that look like compound words but aren’t—like carpet—in the same way, according to new University of Alberta research that has broad applications from rehabilitation after stroke or brain injury to developing AI that understands how humans use language. “Our results show that when we encounter what looks like a […]

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New window into brain cell communication debuts

The Allen Institute today released its first—and the world’s largest—dataset of electrical brain activity gathered using Neuropixels, a new high-resolution silicon probe that can read out activity from hundreds of neurons simultaneously. These data capture billions of lightning-fast spikes of electrical communication sparked from nearly 100,000 neurons as laboratory mice see and respond to images […]