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Study offers new insight into brain connectivity

A new framework for understanding changes in the brain’s activity and connections, which has implications for how to best model the mechanisms of disease in the brain, has been developed by Georgia State University researchers and collaborators. The study builds on previous work showing that shape and connectivity of brain networks—discrete areas of the brain […]

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Cancer human-to-human transferable? Researchers are baffled with Microbiome-Thesis

Should confirm the hypothesis of the international teams of researchers to the canadian Microbiology-Professor Brett Finlay, this would throw all previous assumptions fundamental the bunch. For example, the world health organization (WHO) defines cardiovascular disease or cancer as a "non-übertragbar", since it is assumed that you will live to be triggered by a combination of […]

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New method detects toxin exposure from harmful algal blooms in human urine

Blooms of toxin-producing algae exploded in both fresh and salt water ecosystems in southern Florida during the summer months of 2018, impacting wildlife and humans living in these marine environments. During harmful algal blooms, species of cyanobacteria release toxic peptides, including microcystins and nodularin into waterways. Human exposure comes from ingestion, direct skin contact, or […]

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New study shines light on genetic risk factors for high alcohol intake

A new study, published in Science Advances, identifies genes associated with high alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption is associated with many diseases, with the risk of these co-morbidities generally increasing with greater exposure. Excessive consumption of alcohol is considered a result of complex interactions between genetic and non-genetic risk factors. A number of family, twin, and […]


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Everything We Know About Target's New Activewear Brand

In case you needed another reason to head to Target, the brand has announced the launch of their new activewear and sporting goods brand, All in Motion, coming to stores Friday, January 24 and available online January 17.  With the goal of delivery an inclusive (in size and accessibility) and sustainable line of clothes that […]