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Why is lying to children better

"If you’re not a good boy, I’ll call the police!" Some parents use one or the other lie to get their children to behave. A new study by the Technical University in Singapore shows that this can have long-term effects on the offspring. Apparently, the adults were cheating, as a child, more and more often […]

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Watch the 'Man Boob King of Texas' Do Surgery on 4 Guys

Patient #1 found the local Texas doctor on YouTube. Patient #2 from Oregon also found the doc online. As did Patient #3 from Montreal. All had similar stories: bullying, anxiety, low self-confidence, depression. The cause: their chests. “The term ‘gynecomastia’ is the term for female-like breasts in a man,” explains Dr. Robert Caridi of Austin’s […]

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Why Sex keeps the man healthy – Video-office hours

Sexual activity not only promotes physical health. Sex also stimulates the production of hormones, especially of the male hormone testosterone. The Hamburg Professor of men’s health, Dr. med says. Frank Summer. Sexual activity is beneficial to health. In relation to physical Fitness is the sexual equivalent of the act, for example, a 10 – to […]