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No shield from X-rays: How science is rethinking lead aprons

Patients have come to expect a technician to drape their torsos with a heavy lead apron when they get an X-ray, but new thinking among radiologists and medical physicists is upending the decades-old practice of shielding patients from radiation. Some hospitals are ditching the ritual of covering reproductive organs and fetuses during imaging exams after […]


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Cameron Diaz Feels Daughter Is a 'Miracle' After Using Surrogate

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Health News

This is when a birthmark should worry you

If your baby was born with a birthmark, in most cases you should have little cause for worry, since most of these are quite harmless and won’t require any treatment at all. Nationwide Children’s Hospital says that over 80 percent of all newborns have some type of birthmark, which is defined as a colored spot […]