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Is dairy food good for us? And is it even necessary?

Dairy. There’s no denying it’s delicious. In fact, I’ve been known to steal the cheese from others' slices of pizza to make the ultimate slice and to offer others a sliver or two of soft cheese only to avoid the scandal of eating the whole wheel myself. But, the tender bonding experience of breastfeeding my […]

Health Problems

Despite vaccine, Ebola is spreading

When Ebola broke out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo a year ago, the global stockpile of a long-anticipated vaccine was 300,000 doses. At the time, that seemed like plenty. But as the virus spreads from the epicenter and threatens to explode across the region, the supply of Merck’s newly developed vaccine—once expected to […]

Kids Health

This Hunter x Peppa Pig Collaboration Is Downright Genius

Peppa Pig, as many parents of toddlers can tell you, is a young pig who lives with her parents and brother, George, wears clothes, and really really loves muddy puddles. Which makes Peppa Pig’s latest collaboration genius as well as adorable. Hunter, the company behind England’s most-loved rainboots, is teaming up with Peppa Pig to […]

Health News

Is Facebook Good for Your Mental Health?

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media. What would we do with all that time we spend scrolling through Instagram or stalking old classmates on Facebook? But in recent years, researchers have questioned if its presence is a good thing. In fact, several studies have found Instagram, Facebook and […]

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Using facts to promote cancer prevention on social media is more effective than personal stories

When it comes to cancer prevention messaging, clear information from trusted organizations has greater reach on social media than personal accounts of patients, new University of California, Davis, research suggests. Researchers looked at thousands of Twitter messages to identify the effects of the type of sender (individuals or organizations) and content type (basic information and […]