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Antidepressants in pregnancy

Researchers from Canada have found a link between taking antidepressants during pregnancy and an increased incidence of gestational diabetes. It was, for how long and what type of antidepressants was taking a wife. The scientists from the University of Montreal compared for the study, the medication of Pregnant women with and without gestational diabetes. This […]

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Viagra shows promise for use in bone marrow transplants

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have demonstrated a new, rapid method to obtain donor stem cells for bone marrow transplants using a combination of Viagra and a second drug called Plerixafor. Bone marrow transplants, used mostly in the treatment of cancer, are life-saving procedures to restore the stem cells that generate new blood cells throughout […]

Personal Health

Researchers assert importance of diversity in genomics research

Broadening diversity among participants in human genomics research will maximize its potential to discover causes and possible treatments of diseases, requiring thoughtful study design and methodological considerations, write members of an international genomics consortium in the journal Cell. In the journal’s Oct. 10 issue, a working group in the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium examined the scientific […]