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The 8 Biggest Trends In Toys This Year

What makes one toy an impossible-to-find commodity, and another something that simply takes up shelf space? Toy manufacturers have been trying to figure that out for years. But, as with so many things with kids, the secret may never be known. Who could have predicted the mania around Tickle Me Elmo in the ’90s, or […]

Kids Health

Umbilical cord milking may be linked to higher risk of brain bleeding in preterm infants

Milking the umbilical cord—gently squeezing the cord and pushing the contents into the newborn’s abdomen before clamping the cord—could increase the risk for severe intraventricular hemorrhage, or bleeding into the brain’s fluid-filled cavities, in extremely preterm infants, according to results of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health that was halted for safety […]

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Ketamine reduces drinking in male, but not female, rats

The drug ketamine decreases alcohol consumption in male, but not female, rats, according to new research published in eNeuro. The findings suggest that ketamine may be a viable treatment option for male patients with an alcohol use disorder. Prior studies found that ketamine reduces alcohol use disorder symptoms in both rats and humans, but the […]

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Bacteria-eating viruses may reverse liver damage in alcoholics

Bacteria-eating viruses may reverse liver damage in alcoholics by killing toxic gut microbes found in patients with severe hepatitis, study suggests The liver’s attempts to process excess alcohol result in liver damage, disease, cirrhosis and hepatitis, a form of chronic inflammation  Scientists at UC San Diego and King’s College London found alcoholics have high levels […]