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Toothache: These home remedies help

Tooth pain: It’s Saturday morning, and you Wake up with a toothache. Until Monday, the dentist of your confidence not to reach for the emergency service you want. FOCUS Online presents you with a proven selection of home remedies against toothache. Tooth pain can have various causes. For example, tooth decay is frequently used for […]

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Listeria! Edeka recalls cheese in several States

From the recall of the cheese with the date of minimum durability (best before date) 30.12.19 and the lot number 9324, as well as the MHD 01.01.20 with the lot number 9326 is affected. Was the product sold at Edeka southwest in the following provinces: Baden-Württemberg Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland Parts of Hessen Parts of Bavaria Customers […]