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Could exercise in pregnancy boost baby’s health, too?

(HealthDay)—Women who keep moving during pregnancy may have infants with more advanced motor skills, a small study suggests. Researchers discovered the difference among 1-month-olds: Those whose moms got regular aerobic exercise during pregnancy tended to have stronger movement skills, versus babies whose mothers did not. The movement tests included things like head turning, said researcher […]

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Exercise may improve a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant

Exercise may improve a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, a University of Queensland study has found. Dr. Gabriela Mena, from UQ’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, analyzed research on reproductive health and exercise from the last two decades. “When physical activity was compared with standard fertility treatments, such as IVF or ovulation induction, […]

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Exercise eases autism spectrum disorder in mouse model

A mouse model of autism has revealed how exercise changes the structure of the brain by eliminating the excess connections between neurons characteristic of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). After one month of voluntary running on a wheel, behavioral differences disappeared and structural differences in ASD model mice’s brains were reduced. “Voluntary exercise can be a […]

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To be Fit the risk of many cancer lowers disease

Fitness protects you from cancer There are at the present time, unfortunately, more and more people who fall ill in the course of your life to cancer. The question naturally arises: How can we protect ourselves effectively against cancer? Researchers found out now, to keep fit, still disease, the best measures of protection against cancer […]

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Sports is effective in depression

Study shows positive impact of sports in depression In the treatment of depression medications (antidepressants) and psychotherapy are usually used. However, physical activities can contribute to the therapy. Researchers have now been able to show that Sport has a particularly positive effect on the mood symptoms. More and more people with mental illness A report […]