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Even a little exercise may bring a brain boost

Just 10 minutes of exercise a day appears to sharpen mental prowess, new research suggests. “Getting off the couch and walking a block can help keep you on the right track,” said study author Nicole Spartano, a research assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine. Her team looked 2,770 participants in the Framingham Heart […]

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Even people who don’t drink can get liver disease

Even people who don’t drink can get liver disease: Scientists find 60% of ‘human foie gras’ patients carry a bacteria that produces enough alcohol to damage the crucial organ Man, 27, sought treatment for bouts of unexplained drunkenness in 2014 Stool samples showed 900 times more of the bacteria Klebsiella pneumonia K. pneumonia ‘overloads the body’, leaving […]

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Is dairy food good for us? And is it even necessary?

Dairy. There’s no denying it’s delicious. In fact, I’ve been known to steal the cheese from others' slices of pizza to make the ultimate slice and to offer others a sliver or two of soft cheese only to avoid the scandal of eating the whole wheel myself. But, the tender bonding experience of breastfeeding my […]

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Even low-level activity may help reduce dementia risk

Several factors can affect a person’s chance of developing dementia. Some of the factors, such as age and genetics, are unavoidable. Others, such as smoking and other unhealthful behaviors, are lifestyle choices that a person can change. Regularly exercising and eating a healthful diet may prevent the onset of symptoms, say the Alzheimer’s Association. However, […]