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Cannabis for Depression, ADHD or anxiety helps?

For two and a half years, seriously ill people in Germany may be able to receive a doctor’s prescription cannabis drugs or cannabis flowers. Around 95,000 recipes is a British pharmacies in the year 2018. Reasons for such a recipe also anxiety disorders, Tourette’s syndrome and ADHD are, in addition to chronic pain, Multiple sclerosis […]

Personal Health

Five tips for the time change

On Sunday the summer time ends, then the clocks are put back at night for an hour of two o’clock. Who likes to sleep in or a Saturday night extensively want to celebrate, you can enjoy the gained hour. Many people struggle after the changeover, however, with a Mini-jet lag. In addition, the Back moves […]

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Air pollution shortens 400,000 life

Polluted air has led in Europe to 2016 to approximately 400,000 premature deaths. Almost all people in European cities are exposed to polluted air, warns the European environment Agency in a recent report. “Air pollution is currently the greatest environmental risk to human health.” In its Air Quality Report in 2019, the European authority for […]

Health Problems

More accurate diagnosis for rare ovarian cancer type

UNSW medical researchers have shown how a biomarker could help doctors more accurately diagnose one of the rarest types of ovarian cancer. A biomarker could help doctors more accurately diagnose mucinous ovarian cancer—one of the rarest types of the insidious disease, UNSW medical researchers have revealed. Down the track, better diagnosis is hoped to help […]

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Cry me a river!

Humans are the only mammals that cry – at least for emotional reasons. However, although each blaring in children days almost every day and even adults stirred Many to tears, the knowledge researchers, surprisingly little is known about the phenomenon. How well do you understand the tears? Test your Knowledge in the Quiz.