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NIH to fund testing and development of HIV vaccine

After decades of failing to develop an effective vaccine against HIV, the federal government has committed $129 million to a new effort led by Scripps Research. The National Institutes of Health award was announced Wednesday. It will fund development and testing of a multistage preventive vaccine. The work will be performed by the Consortium for […]

Health News

Vaping of E-cigarettes during pregnancy a danger to the child

Risks do not underestimate the fact that E-cigarettes during pregnancy, endangering the child Despite warnings from doctors not to smoke during pregnancy, many expectant mothers again and again to the cigarette. You are disturbing the development of the child in the womb and increase the risk for various diseases later in life. What is not […]

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Kick-starting the genome in early development

After the fertilisation of an egg cell, two become one; two sets of genetic information combine to form a genome. We can think of the egg and sperm as information capsules with stored instructions for starting a new life, but post fertilisation, what kick starts the interpretation of these instructions? Researchers at the Babraham Institute […]